Monday, November 27, 2006


by the way, this is what a friend of mine had to say re the posts about my back injury.** She did it in an email instead of in the comments, but it was so sweet and funny I had to share it (hope you don't mind, hon.):

"Question: Are you Ratty?

Answer: NO!!!! You are The American Pie.....not Ratty. You are more like Mr Bloody Toad. Rowing, KNOWING that you were injured. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I love you, you daft Chaucer-loving bitch! DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

OK, rant over. I have read the three relevant entires in your blog and oh my fucking GAWD.......jesus, it was pure chick-lit and not the bad stuff that comes free with Cosmopolitan was pure gold!!!!!!!!! Brief encounter? Yes, I think so. I like Handsome Doctor. I like him becasuse he rescued you and left again. This is Frodo-destroying-the-ring-and
-leaving-Middle-Earth stuff.

How is the back??????????? talk to me, or are you too busy being boarded by pirates?"

I love this note because I can hear her voice in my head when I read it. And though I hadn't thought of it in those terms, her comparison between Frodo and HD is rather apt. I love you too, Darling. Kisses from the northern hemisphere: MUAH! xxxxxxxx

**Personal to... You know who you are

Proper Drama, ER-style

ER Drama, part II


Valerie said...

Ah, boys. So cute. So useful. So intermittent.

I do hope your back is continuing to improve, HD or no HD. At least the Pirate is back with more tangible inspiration!

ZB said...

I like Handsome Doctor. I like him becasuse he rescued you and left again. This is Frodo-destroying-the-ring-and
-leaving-Middle-Earth stuff.

How?! How is it apt? Find me one reference in TLOTR's to Frodo finding time to pay a house visit to put someone's back in place whilst on his way to Mordor. One. Not even one. Half of one. A quarter. It's not even allegorical. There is no Sam in your situation for a start, let alone a schizophrenic midget with bad skin and fish based halitosis...Honestly, Ceebs I know you know how to use an apostrophe and shit but sometimes you leave me slack jawed in amazement.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Quit being so fucking literal you pathetically mundane sot. Like Frodo, who destroyed the Ring to save Middle Earth and then had to abandon the very thing he'd set out to rescue (the Shire), HD similarly went to great personal effort to help me when I desperately needed it, and then for the good of me (I'm the Shire here, remember), left again. It's a very simple analogy, but one that has some strong emotional similarities.

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