Monday, September 20, 2004

romantic tongue

disclaimer: please forgive the attrocious spelling and punctuation: french keyboards are even nuttier than the italian variety

pisa; in case you were wondering; is a one-horse town: if you ever go there; for the love of god dont go on a sunday: these people keep the sabbath; and after youve gone to the tower and gotten another tourist to take a photo of you in a stupid pose intended to give the impression that you are knocking the thing over; there is nothing and i mean nothing left to do: so you spend 6 glorious hours sitting in the sun on the lawn with the rest of the tourists scatching your butt and wondering what to do next because EVERYTHING is closed:

then you hop a train to arles in the south of france; and you marvel at the morning glories growing by the train tracks that are so blue you think you have the mediteranean on both sides of you: then you arrive in arles; spend a few minutes being slightly annoyed that its much more touristy than youd hoped; but then you get over it and stop caring because you are in one of the most beautiful places god ever created on earth; magically preserved by our good buddy vincent:

then you eat a fabulous french dinner; drink too much wine; and attempt to blog the experience on a keyboard where the a; q; w; m; and all forms of punctuation are in the wrong place:

ps; how do you pick an italian man out of a crowd? easy: good shoes; bad shirt; tight pants:

peronal to HBM: glad the dry spells over:


Anonymous said...

Re - dry spell - I wish! While the trip to Glasgow had much in the way of flirting, exchange of telephone numbers and deciphering of respective accents it had little in the way of carnality. Well, nothing major anyway...glad to see the grand tour is going well. HBM

ZB said...

oiga, just testing something out....

Sal said...

"ps; how do you pick an italian man out of a crowd? easy: "... you shout: "i'm single!"

Chaucer's Bitch said...

hate do disallusion you sal, but none of the italian men i met gave a shit whether i was single or not. i was wearing a ring on the fourth finger of my left hand in an attempt to keep the slimier ones at bay, but i´m sorry to report that it didn´t work.