Sunday, September 22, 2013

I'm not ignoring you, I swear!

After trying very hard to get back into the regular swing of posting, my computer blew up and rendered me webless for 2 weeks.  Grrr.  So here I am, starting over again.

We are moving house in 1 week.  Pirate gets the keys on Thursday, and Pirette and me arrive on Saturday, just 6 days away.  YAY!!!  I can't wait.  The house we currently inhabit sucks dead donkey dicks and has been a daily misery for 2 years.  I am looking forward to going about my day-to-day existence without a veil of constant anger and resentment shrouding my every thought, whilst I curse the very walls around me.

Pirette is excited, too.  She is eager to see the "brown door house" (which is the only interesting feature she could discern from Google street view), and understands that she will have a bigger room, it will be painted yellow and green, and all her toys are coming with her.  She has seen photos of the back garden as well and is very pleased.  She doesn't, of course, grasp the permanence of it all.  I hope 3 months is enough time for her to settle in and be comfortable before I launch her baby sister.

The only thing I dread is the moment that will probably come about a week after we've been in, when she looks at me and says "I want to go home now, mama." or "I want to go to nursery."  That's when I'll really have to explain that we're never going back to the old house or her old nursery.  Q the tears.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

My fantasy:

a space hopper with 3 handles.

Think about it.

(Mind, at the moment I look like I'm becoming a space hopper.  Or possibly have just eaten one.)