Sunday, September 12, 2004

When it rains, it pours

damnit, why does all the good stuff happen right before i leave????? yesterday i was with a fellow with whom i've been really close since arriving in Jolly Old. maybe it was because i was leaving that he finally decided to strap on a pair and do what he's been wanting to do for months, or maybe i'm just so stunning that he couldn't stop himself any longer, but boy did i need that. i havn't been kissed in six years (yeah, that doesn't make me sound desperate), but DA-AMN!

so it was a good day. Later i was out with a girlfriend of mine having a send-off drink at a local pub (pleasantly illumintated with flattering green lights) when the fittie who works at the local bakery (and with whom i've been flirting like a demon for 3 months) walks straight up to me and starts chatting me up. he recogonized me, and came over to ask my phone number. GODDAMN IT!!! I'M LEAVING IN 6 HOURS! WHY NOW?!?!?!? (do you sense my exasperation?)

but wait, there's more. i just got an email this morning from a lovely friend of mine on whom i had a terrible crush back in my undergrad days. he's 6'4", speakes 5 languages fluently (only 2 of them indo-european), plays every stringed instrument known to man including the lute and mandolin, has a base voice that could melt frozen chocloate and is every bit as rich, and is a snappy dresser to boot. he's in london. lemme say that again. HE'S IN LONDON! NOW! AND HE WANTS TO SEE ME! AND HE'S STILL SINGLE!!! AND I'M LEAVING IN 6 HOURS!!!!!

somebody shoot me.

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Anonymous said...

oh, how quickly I'm forgotten!