Wednesday, October 20, 2004

entertaining ducks

Thanks to HereBe and OneBadWay, last night was one of the more entertaining sleepless nights i've had. I don't know why i couldn't sleep; just kept waking up for 30 mins at a stretch, and rather than contemplate the fate of the aged, ailing feline rolled up at the foot of the bed, i forced myself to think of something funny. And when you need a good laugh, there's nothing like pondering the fucked up existence of HereBeMonsters for a few yuks, which got me to thinking about the duck game. Here then, is some of my mental excrement from last night:

Music: The Sounds of Ducks; Parsely, Sage, Rosemary and Duck; I am a Duck, I am and Island; The Only Living Duck in New York; Duck Over Troubled Water; Cracklin' Duck; Blowin' in the Duck; Duck Gas; I Want to Hold Your Duck; All you Need is Ducks; Ducks Make the World Go Around; Duck with the Fringe on Top (or Surry with the Duck on Top); Ducks Are Busting out All Over; A Mighty Fortress is Our Duck.

Film: Duck On the River Kwai; A Raisin in the Duck; A Duck in Winter; Ducks of Arabia;(substituting 'moon' yielded several possibilities, including...) Paper Duck; Duck Over Parador; and my favourite, Duck Struck; then there's A Duck for All Seasons; Four Ducks of the Apocolypse; A Duck Runs Through It; The Maltese Duck; To Kill A Duck; The Duck Brief; Zorro, the Gay Duck; Much Ado About Ducks; Close Encounters of the Third Duck; A Man and a Duck; An Officer and a Duck; A Time to Duck; and... (wait for it...) 12 Angry Ducks! (I find that last one creates an espcially funny mental picture.)

Clearly I was awake for a significant portion of the night. There were more which I've now forgotten, but I'm sure they'll come back to me in my next insomnia-infested evening. Thanks, guys, for keeping me entertained.

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ZB said...

Ahem: The Duck is not enough, Goldenduck, From Russia with Ducks, Live and let Duck, You only Duck twice, On her Majesty's secret Duck, Dr. Duck, The Duck who loved me...

Honest. We creased ourselves for hours over this. I mean, the company was good, the food was excellent and the alcohol was flowing but who'd have thought that ducks could be so funny.