Thursday, October 07, 2004

God help the next generation

i know i promised you all that when i got back stateside i would blog all the interesting tidbits of my trip to europe. instead, i'm going to take a page out of herebe's book and ignore that promise for an indefinate period of time while i keep you in suspense and blog about irrelevant and unrelated crap.

first, my ph.d. i just got an email from my future advisor who loved my latest research proposal, and is now just waiting for the final grade of my ma dissertation. thank god i'm not the stressful type, or i'd have bleeding ulcers by now.

second, the haircut. mom says it "looks a bit dykey," but since i don't consider that an insult, and since there isn't a man in a thousand mile radius that i would waste even 15 minutes of my life with, i don't really give a shit.

finally, the job. god help the next generation: i'm a teacher. ok, just a substitute teacher. but when my old honors brit lit teacher found out i needed a temp job, she sent me straight to the high school office to register as a sub. she'll be gone for 3 days this december, and there's no one on the current sub list who can actually teach an english class. mostly all the subs do is hand out busy work and make sure the little angels don't kill each other, or if it's a really good sub, destroy any school property. I, on the other hand, will be teaching. Mary Ellen Miller declared me "one of the best students I've ever had in my 21 years of teaching," and promised that she would make all the other English faculty request me if they get sick. Now that my ego's been stroked the rest of me is wanting a turn.

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