Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Secrects to a happy marraige, part 2

true story: my parents were at the wedding my big brother's life-long friend when the mother of the groom asked my father (who has been blissfully wed for 32 years), "what is the secret to a happy marraige?" my father replied (my mother was no where in sight), "lots of red wine."

a short time later my mother appeared. The mother of the goom asked her (curious about how the wife of red wine-lover would respond), "what is the secret to a happy marraige?" I swear to god, she never heard my father's previous reply to the same question. Her answer? "Red wine. Lots of red wine."

There you go, ladies and alcoholics. Drink enough vin rouge and you will soon view your spouse through rose' colored glasses. 32 years of practice can't be wrong.

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hendrix said...

That works too...