Monday, December 27, 2004

New Link

Hey, all. L. Fitzgerald Sjoberg, that most witty and entertaining of bloggers, has crapped out on me for the last time. After the birth of his daughter he had not the time to keep the humor site "Brunching Shuttlecocks" up to date, but promised his faithful that one of the more popular pages of the site, the now infamous "Book of Ratings," a spoof of the "top 10 lists" our bumper-sticker-wisdom-loving culture craves so pathetically, would be regularly maintained. For a while it was being updated about once a month. Considerably less frequent the promised weekly post, but still better than nothing. Well, it's been 3 months since the Book of Ratings has been changed, and I'm officially declaring it dead. It'll probably sit there for a while before Lore gets around to posting the obituary, but I think we can pretty well write it off. So hum a dirge, wish Mr. Sjoberg well in whatever his next pursuit may be, and check out the new link to the 9 Chickweed Lane comic.

9 Chickweed Lane is written and drawn by the same fantastic sarcastic artist who creates Pibgorn. Similar humor, but set in a very real world. Do yourselves a favor and read the last 30 days to get yourself into the plot. It takes a while to get into, but once you're hooked (and you will be, mark me) you'll be glad you took the time. Here's a little background info about the cast to get you started:

Edda Burbur: Lovely, brillaint, talented high school honors student (who makes the rest of us mortals look like drooling underachievers) who inherited her mother's sarcastic wit.

Dr. Burbur: Edda's mother, a divorcee who has finally found love in the arms a co-physician, is torn by conflicting desires to emulate her daughter's free-spiritedness and to please her old-fashioned yet surprisingly insightful mother, who lives with her and Edda.

Gran: Edda's grandmother, a dated and dusty old crank who is often, to the great consternation of many, the voice of reason.

Amos: Geek supreme, Edda's best friend. Amos has been in love with Edda since god made dirt, and being the post-pubescent geek that he is, displays it most often either by insulting Edda or flirting with her friend, Mary. Amos has been doing a lot of growing up in the past couple months, and the changing dynamic between him and Edda is one of the best aspects of the strip at present.

Thorax: Gran's gentleman-friend. Thorax is a characature of the stereotypical New England bumpkin, but with a twist. He thinks he's an alien. Thorax fills the role of the crazy nut-case who is often the most sane person in the room, giving us scathing third-party perspectives on all that's wrong with society today. Think Calvin meets Zippy the Pinhead.

Cat: This Siamese is more than an accessory or decoration. Truly a character in his (her?) own right, the cat is the most well-drawn feline I've seen, and the "Hallmarks of Felinity" will make cat-owners blow coffee out their noses and wipe tears of from thier eyes while moaning "it's funny because it's true!"

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