Tuesday, January 11, 2005

That was WAY too close!

Tonight I very narrowly avoided what would have been one of the most embarassing situations in my recent past...

I was returning some movies to a local video store and picking up some new ones. I asked the kid behind the counter if they had "Trainspotting" and where it would be filed. The kid was cute. And no kid. We had a few minutes polite banter and he was very helpful. When I had all my movies and was checking out, I decided to ask him out. I was about to do the whole "What time to you get off work? Would you like to meet me for a drink?" thing, when out of the blue he asked me if I knew Miller Redfield.

Miller, you may remember from a previous blog, was my first love. I was ass over tea kettle for that boy for years, but we havn't spoken in ages. I replied, "Yes, we were rather good friends back in high school. What an odd question. What made you ask that?"

The response:

"I'm his little brother."


Holy shit. I remember this kid. When Miller and I went to Florida over spring break our sophomore year of high school, he bought his brother a Mickey Mouse watch for his 10th birthday. I did some quick math. HE'S NOT EVEN OLD ENOUGH TO DRINK YET!!! God help me. What happened to the spikey red hair? What happened to the freckles? When in the hell did he become a hunk?!? Tie me to an ant hill and call me Mrs. Robinson.

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