Sunday, April 10, 2005

Something cheerful

I've been writing a post on the crappy coverage CNN has been giving the issue of global warming lately, but I've been doing so much bitching (honestly, what do you expect from someone who calls herself "Chaucer's BITCH?") that I thought it would make for a refreshing change of pace if I wrote something pleasant. The glorious weather, the basking beagle, and the royal wedding gave me three great excuses.

I spent last night and this evening watching biographies of Prince Charles and Camilla and hours of wedding coverage, which is rather impressive since we didn't get to see the actual wedding, and the blessing only took 30 minutes. So what did I spend (translation: waste) all that time viewing? Talking heads, mostly. But is was fun. WE (Women's Entertainment, who broadcast the events here in the States) even had Trinny and Susanna on commentating on what people were wearing. Let me tell you, they are considerably more observant and articulate than Joan and Melissa Rivers (course, that's not saying much, is it?).

Sadly, there were a few people in the crowd boo-ing the happy couple. That's just poor, people. For christ sake, Chaz and Cami have been in love for thirty years! This day was long in coming; far too long in my mind. I feel rather sorry for Chaz that he was pressured into marrying a woman he never loved (he admitted as much on the steps of the church at his first wedding, standing right next to his bedazzled child-bride). I feel sorry that so many people had to suffer. Two unhappy marraiges, cheating spouses left right and centre, kids caught in the middle and in the spotlight. I hope that these two people, who have been through so much and who have relied on each other's friendship and understanding the whole of their adult lives, can finally breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy their lives together as a couple. Good lord for alliance; I wish you both much happiness.

It's rare in this world to find someone who truly completes you. A good many of us never do. It is the greatest gift the world has to offer when we find the perfect companion, and the greatest torture to be prevented from loving that person. This fundamental truth is why I am totally in support of gay marraige, it's why my own life sucks, and it's why no one should harbor any ill feelings about Chaz's marraige. Have fun kids, enjoy the honeymoon, fuck like rabbits, and send me a postcard.

(One final thought. We all agree that Camilla isn't as pretty or charismatic as Di was, but I have to say she looked absolutely stunning today. The silver gown with the gold emblishments was appropriate for her age, appropriate for a second marraige, flattering, tasteful, striking, and ROYAL. You totally looked the part today, honey. Nicely done.)

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ZB said...

Charles is an adulterer and an ineffectual man. If he was a man he wouldn't have been pressured into his first marriage. All of this in love for thirty years crap is crap. There is no perfect one. There is just the one that you are with whose perfection lies in getting to know and love their imperfections over the years. Everyone says trust is important in a relationship. Not just the I trust you, you trust me lip service but developing enough trust for your partner to see that you aren't perfect, you aren't flawless, that you can be weak and fallible. We all like people to see our best side but it's when someone sees your worst side and still loves you that you've got lucky. Hope they're happy but really, who gives a fuck?