Thursday, December 08, 2005

Surprise, we care!

yeah, right. this morning a pop room inspection appeared at my door in the guise of 'we were worried about you and wanted to check in to make sure you're ok' visit.

The bell rang, and who should be at the door but Ms. Nopets, just stopping by to show her concern because I was so upset the other day when she broke the bad news. Fortunately, I was the one who answered the bell to the flat, so I answered her questions, assured her of my soundness of mind, and sent her on her way under a barrage of sappy thank-yous. Had one of my flatmates answered the door, in all likelihood she would have come knocking on my room door and had a chance to glimpse the cage (all set up) and possibly even the green wall. These people pitch low, much lower than I expected. They want to play dirty? Fine, I can play dirty. Bring it, bitch.

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