Friday, March 10, 2006

the obligatory details

They say a lady doesn't kiss and tell.

Well they ain't no ladies at this here blog.

There appear to be some misconceptions floating about the interwub regarding the other party involved in the romantic encounter that took place two nights hence. I don't have any stuffed-shirt moral objections to a one-night stand or a random shag; they're just not for me. No, Crazy Hairy and I have been seeing each other casually for a few weeks. I have mentioned him before but, as i just realized this morning, not by (nick)name. He's the fittie with the Kenny G hair I met through Ye Olde Dating Service a few weeks back. I really didn't think he was terribly keen on me, and when he didn't get in touch after our first date my suspicions were confirmed. Of course, i didn't realize at the time that my mobile phone was missing, and in fact he called me three times before he gave up, natually assuming that I wasn't interested. A week later I found my phone and saw the missed calls, and we went for dinner.

It's funny, I don't have any romantic feelings toward him, i'm not twitterpated or dizzy or any of those those things. I don't think there's any real chemistry between us, and I'm certainly not in love with him. But I do like him. He's pleasant, easy-going, and good for a giggle. He's got a great outlook on life (pretty much laughs at absolutely everything, every human foible, failing, and fuckup), and is very courteous and respectful.

In short, he's fun.

And I trust him. I wouldn't have invited him over to mine for dinner on Wed evening othewise. I didn't expect him to stay for dessert, but i definately didn't object.

We lounged around on my bed/sofa, listening to simon and Garfunkel, working our way through a second bottle of vin rouge. And what followed is, as they say, herstory.

I can honestly say that he was aflame with passion. I set him on fire. Literally. His hair got caught in the scented candle* i had burning by the bed. Whoops. My bad.

I was delighted to discover that he's a total snuggle slut. He didn't let go of me the entire night, and it was fantasticamazingmindblowing to wake up in the morning and feel the tickle of his chest hair against my back, his breath on my shoulder, and his rock-hard thighs entangled in mine.

Am i divulging too many X-rated details here? Sorry.

That's a lie. I'm not sorry at all. This is my page. If you don't like it you can fuck off.

So Spinny, here's a 'losing it' story to add to your collection:
Grad school, my place, older man; minor pain, major fun, and i set his hair on fire. Was listening to "Cecelia."

He texted me twice the following day to say what a good time he had. (i'm taking that as a sign that i wasn't total rubbish.) Will definately keep in touch with him (pun intended).

*Not for romantic or seduction purposes was this candle lit. It had the much more untilitarian function of covering the smell of my manky rowing kit, which hangs around my room on every available surface, and perpetually stinks of sweat, mildew, and the river Avon.


patroclus said...

Woo! Congratulations CB! And in my opinion, someone who makes you laugh is the best sort of person, so it all sounds good to me. Will stay tuned for further updates...

Sherbert said...

Nice one. Sorry to hear about your cat.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Sherbert- Welcome to M.E. Take off your hat and stay a while.

Patroclus- further update: dinner at Hairy's on Sunday. Stay tuned...

First Nations said...

you set his head on fire.
That is the coolest thing i have ever heard.
words simply fail me.
you set his head on fire.

patroclus said...

Oo, this is exciting. There's nothing like a spot of vicarious living :-) Shall tune in on Monday for the next instalment!

hendrix said...

Bloody hell CB. Even I've never set fire to a guy before. That is sooooo cooool!!!

hendrix said...

I've burnt a few of their effigies before though...but that doesn't count does it?

No Shit Sherlock said...

Good god. You have set a new thingy in the romance stakes. I aspire to your level. Dude.

You set his head on fire.

Spinsterella said...


Well done you. Setting his hair on fire was a particularly nice touch.

G said...

Could see where that smell might not encourage mating. That was excellent and can we ever get enough of the details, every one can bugger off (as an American I love that phrase and use it frequently - don't even know if it's still somethings said on the otha side of the Pond) if they don't want to hear. Here's to herstory.

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