Friday, March 24, 2006

Thou art God

Thank you thank you thank you. Every now and again when I need a dose of perspective, someone comes along and slaps me with it. ("Thank you sir, may I have another?" No, that's just greedy.) If you've been stressed or whining about insignificants lately, put the kettle on, make some toast, and spread it with the love of First Nations, who has brought us The Truth (sponsored by the letter K and number 4). Thou art God, brother.


First Nations said...

*blushing crimson* ah declayuh! *fans self coquettishly* its just so awful WARUM in heyah!
i am flattered. thanks!

First Nations said...

....oh, by the way, go see this person:
you and she can commiserate about being hardcore femme exercise goddesses in pt!