Friday, June 30, 2006

So much going on. Let me 'splain...

No, is too much. I sum up:

Started a job a DHL.
Quit job at DHL.
Started a job at Sue Sheppard.
Like job at Sue Sheppard. (working there right now. ahem.)
The temp agency Manpower sucks and is staffed by Satan's minions.
Leaving at 1 pm today to go camping with Hairy Man for weekend. Whoo-hoo! We've been together about 4 months, and this is our first real trip away. CAN'T. WAIT. Will bring you juicy details on Monday.

Tootles, kids!


hendrix said...

Started job at DHL
Quit job at DHL
welcome to the wonderful world of temping!
have a brilliant trip!!!

Loganoc said...

Don't you have a phd to do, woman? I know I do. :(

First Nations said...

manpower here in town is where the bums go to get jobs holding placards out on the road. no wonder!
where are you going camping? go somewhere good like an abandoned building or a department store.(did you read that kids book? where the kid runs away in manhattan and lives in macys? always wanted to do that.
'from the crazy mixed up files of mrs. basil g. frankweiler' or something very close.)

No Shit Sherlock said...

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You kill my father, prepare to die.
Was I the only one who spotted that?
Have a good time!
Even if it rains. Which it will, cause you're going camping. But have a good time anyway!

Do I get a prize now?

G said...

Came here from First Nations: 1) becuase I loved your name, read profile and saw 2) Muppets Treasure Island (a fam fave here - cause when you're a professional pirate!) excuse me. 3) Temping is hell. Enjoy your camping - one sleeping bag or 2? Bloody nosy of me - no need to answer.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

I'm pretty sure ZB also got the Inigo Montoya reference, NSS, but as for the rest of you illiterate ignorami...

sorry. kidding. i think i've got the most intellectual blogership on the web. (feather in my cap!) i just like the word "ignorami." hahaha.

Welcome, G. (nice pic) "one sleeping bag or two?" you are new here, aren't you? allow me to direct you to a couple previous posts for your edification.

that answer your question?

G said...

Curtsies. I see no sleeping bags necessary - consider me edified! Left comments at your posts. Both brilliant may I say without seeming to pander to the new blog person (you) that I've just met?