Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Will the drama never end?

Oh for the love of Henley! This is getting out of hand. You know how in the last post i wrote that i spent half the regatta running around trying to arrange for people to cox my crew? our cox had to work last weekend, hence the frenzy. She's all set to cox us for Henley, though.

Or rather, she was.

Found out yesterday that her sister was in a near fatal car crash. What's worse, the sister was pregnant, and lost the baby due to her pelvis being crushed. And as if that's not bad enough, the asshole who hit her a) had his license revoked over a year ago, b) got off with barely a scrach, and c) got out of his own car and into the sister's car and pretended to be her passenger (she was unconscious) so as to avoid responsibility for driving the other car! Nearest wall and one bullet, that's what i say to that.

Now, i'm not so callus as to pretend that the greatest tragedy of all this is that i'm left, yet a gain, without a coxwain, but...

GODDAMN IT WE'RE WITHOUT A COXWAIN. AGAIN! (Naturally, our cox has gone home to be with her family and sister, who is still in critical condidtion. This is the good and proper thing to do.)

I hate the universe. It's out to get us.


ZB said...

Change categories. Go coxless.

First Nations said...

good LORD.
i guess she has a better excuse than most to miss the event, though. damn.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

we don't own a coxless 4. and i sure as shit don't trust my bow woman to steer. good suggestion, tho.