Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Vacation so far...

Hidey-ho, neighbors!

I've been without internet for a week. Shocking! I managed to log in briefly a couple times to check my email, but I've not had the opportunity to sit down and tell you all about my latest exploits.

...until Now!


I'm back here in the great state of Michigan, land of ripe, juicy peaches, big, succulent tomatoes, and cherries and sweetcorn galore. The weather in August sucks dead donkey dicks, but the produce coming in to the farm markets in the morning more than makes up for it.

Last night I went with the fam to an award ceremony. Mom is the MD of a professional theatre company, and one of last season's productions was nominated for several awards. It was a hugely fun night, and we even won one of the things we got nominated for. So that was cool.

Prior to that I was out in the great land of Taxachusetts, visiting Wally and Vi and the New Baby. Also called Wally. Ugh. (Some names just shouldn't be passed on.) Things out there are ok, but Vi is having a bit of a rough time of it. She's been getting some really crappy advice on nursing and things, and (long story short) it's not helping the baby at all and she's absolutely run down. I'm really annoyed with some of the things she's been told, but she won't listen to anyone but the supposed "experts" at the hospital, and she gets really any time some tries to suggest something that will make her life easier. Oh, well. She'll just have to deal as best she can.

The Pirate is lovely as ever. I call him often and we chat for ages. I'm looking forward to getting back to Bristol so I can see him. Our time together will be miserably brief, as his job is sending him out of the country for 2 months, and he'll be leaving just a few days after I return from the states. bugger. i'll have to do work or something to fill my time. horror of horrors!

oh, and i got my hair cut today. so that's good. 's about it, really.

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First Nations said...

well there you are!
geeze, drop on by and we'll listen to some project ars nova and read aloud from piers plowman. or just be real boring and go get shitfaced drunk and hang our tits at farmers. you know.
been worried about you!
crap on the baby experts. poor woman. penelope leach wrote an excellent book on babies and i swore by it with the Amazon. she turned out pass the word along to poor vi. kisses for the babboo!