Thursday, September 14, 2006

Penis Post

A new drug for premature ejaculation is available, reports this week's issue of New Scientist. In a clinical trial of 2000 men, all of whom typically ejaculated less than 1 minute after penetration, the time to ejaculation was:
1.8 mins for men on placebo
2.8 mins for men on 30 mg dose, and
3.3 mins for men on 60 mg dose.

This struck me as lovely news, until i read the following:
"Marcel Waldinger, a neuropsychiatrist at Leyenburg Hospital in The Hague... is concerned that phaymaceutical compaines may be trying to 'pathologise' a condition... that belongs to normal sexual performance." In his 2005 study among the world's males' time taken to ejaculate, the average man lasted only 5.4 mins. (yes, that really is a decimal point.) In Turkey, the average was only 3.7.

5.4 mins!?!? really? um, wow.

Here's what this says to me. This says to me that popular culture has led us to have unhealty, unnatural, unrealistic expectations of men's staying power. We've seen this effect before, in our obsessive desires to have microwaists, DDboobs, and perfect tans all year round. At the same time that we've been bombarded with unrealistic expectations of our bodies, we've also been bombarded with equally unrealistic expectations of sexual performance. Egad. I actually feel sorry for men. (and Turkish women).

In related penis news: Bluto is defiantely a boy.

There was considerable doubt as to the authenticity of the little guy's true gender, as it's rather difficult to tell with hamsters. But this morning as I took him out of his cage so i could clean it, i was rubbing his belly and i accidently encountered, his, um, all right i'll just say it: i rubbed my hamter's cock. Not deliberatley, mind, but apparently he likes having his belly scratched a little too much.

I feel like i need a shower.


GreatSheElephant said...

frankly even 3.3 minutes is a bit disappointing. Isn't 20 about normal?

I've experienced 10 seconds and 90 minutes. Neither were experiences I'd hurry to repeat.

Babs said...

Well I shan't be moving to Turkey anytime soon.

I'm not so much concerned about 'staying power' (though, do not get me wrong, it is MOST helpful)

I'd much rather they came up with a pill that got men to realize 'HELLO!! Does the word pre-heat mean ANYTHING to you??' or the famed 'I am not a transistor bloody radio' dilemma. Ahem.

Sheelephant--I think you dated two of my ex-bfs :P

First Nations said...

....and yet nobody mentions the hamster froteur incident. me, i can't seem to wipe the image from my brain.
but thats me.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

just looked up frotteur/frottage in the ol' dictionary. one word: Aaagh!

ZB said...

I've never thought, 'right, that's ten minutes, i'm hitting my batting average, time to ejaculate.' Every time is different for both partners and it either happens at the right time for that time for both of you or there's no point in being naked and joined together like a mortice and tenon joint.