Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Feeling better

Hi guys. sorry about that. i promise that's the last time i will ever post about my bowel misfortunes. this blog is supposed to be about mental excrement, not actual excrement.

the ol' GI tract settled down for a while last night, and i thought things were on the mend, but when i woke up this morning The Troubles started anew. Which meant that I had to cancel my tutorial session, which really pissed me off. (Though i'm sure my students are thrilled.)

At the mo i'm beginning to feel more stable, and i hope it stays that way. for one thing, I'M FUCKING HUNGRY! I really really really really want to eat something. I've been keeping on top of the hydration, though, so that's ok anyway.

Anonymous had an interesting comment on the last post. The fact that anyone bothered to comment at all about my upset stomach does indeed suggest more interest than a passing glance at my blog. I think once you've been reading someone's blonk for a while (sorry, Annie, had to steal the lingo -- I want to be cool like you) you begin to see them, perhaps not as a real person, but as a real personality.

My blog buddies are incredibly important to me, because I know that they're the friends to whom I will never have to say "goodbye." I move around a LOT. While I was filling out my CRB disclosure form (so I can be cleared to coach under-18s from a local school), I realized that I've lived at 5 different addresses in the last 5 years. (They're going to love me.) Ever since I moved away from home to go to uni when I was 18 I've lived an incredibly transient life. As a result I've left behind friends in numerous cities, several states, and even a couple continents. I hate saying "goodbye." But even in the darkest hours of my life, wherever I am, as long as there's electricity and a phone line, I can feel connected to my Imaginary Friends on the interweb. And you can't imagine the amount of comfort and reassurance that brings. Or perhaps you can?

So I want to thank everyone for being so wonderful and helpful and concerned about me, whether I've had a broken heart, a broken back, a paucity of porn, or a case of firehose-force squirts. I know you guys are there for me. And I'm here for you.


Sigsy said...

Dear Chaucer's bitch. I pooed soup for a whole day yesterday. I feel your pain. I'm better now. Drink Aloe.

realdoc said...

I'm just wondering if your painkillers aren't upsetting you. Make sure you don't take non steroidals like diclofenac or naproxen on an empty stomach as they can give you heartburn and nausea.

We love you too hug!

homo escapeons said...

We're all wishing for a happy ending..praying that it all works out in the end...that you get to the bottom of this...get well soon.

The blogosphere is the Hotel can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

Timorous Beastie said...

Am wracked with guilt now for not posting a comment about the bellyache...But I love you too - don't ever leave this address.

Dave said...


Hannah said...

Huh. It really is the way you tell 'em... ;)

Chaucer's Bitch said...

sigsy: drink aloe? didn't know you could do that. i have an aloe plant on my windowsil, but it's there for sun and kitchen burns. how do i drink it?

realdoc: i eat pretty much constantly, so whenever i take my drugs i'm doing it with food. (it's the ones that say "take on an empty stomach" that confuse the hell out of me. my stomach's never empty!)

Homo: *groan* that's it, you're done. you don't get to comment any more.

TB: no guilt, i expressly forbid it. *muah!*

Dave: you win the Best Comment Of The Year Award. kudos.

Hannah: I am only here to serve as a witness to history, that all may benefit from the light of my wisdom. *raises arms dramatically*

belladona said...

You can buy aloe juice - not sure if it would be the same if you squeezed a few leaves or not but you can (apparently) get it from health food shops.