Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ow! *rubs head where pinecone hit*

Been tagged by First Nations with this. Which is just as well, because I steal all her memes whether she tags me or not. This one I couldn't steal (even though I thought about nabbing it from Dave) because it's just so unbelievably self-centered. And also kind of redundant, because hell, a blog is unbelievable self-centered anyway. At least mine is. Anyway, here is a true meMe.

5 Things About Me:

1. My feet are always cold. I have to sleep wearing fuzzy socks, otherwise my feet freeze off to the point of pain and then numbness, even on warm nights, and I can't fall asleep when my feet are numb. Once I was at a friend's for the night, and I didn't pack any socks, and I didn't fall asleep all night because my feet were too cold. So I always sleep wearing warm, fuzzy socks. It's very sexxxy.

2. I read abysmally slowly. It takes me for sodding ever to get through a book. Even "light" reading, novels and such, take me weeks to read. I read at the pace I speak, because I hear every syllable in my head as though someone were reading it to me. This is a problem for someone in my profession. (PhD in English lit!!!) Over the years I've taken speed-reading courses and done all sorts of things to attempt to increase my reading speed, but to no avail.

3. I potty-trained myself. One day, when I was still young enough to sleep in a crib, I said to my mother "no more diapers." I had never gone through the night dry, and I was sill rather young, so my mother was naturally skeptical. She told me that I could wear big girl underwear to bed that night, but if I wet the bed I would have to wear diapers from then on. I never wore another diaper after that, for any reason. And in the whole of my childhood, I've never once wet the bed. Ha.

4. I can't stand the writings of John Gower. Don't tell anyone.

5. The worst day of my entire life was the day I was deported from England. I thought my life was over, and everything I had worked for was being taken away. It is the only time I have ever contemplated suicide.

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Spinsterella said...

I don't know who John Gower is.


Ah. Don't reckon I was missing anything.

Hannah said...

For me, it's Dickens. Urgh. ANYONE but him. Happy Thanksgiving!

First Nations said...

I thought you'd be too busy looking at the ceiling for a few more days. fastest meme in the west!
i would rather put a lit cigarette out in my eye than read K. Randall Ball. not that he's every written anything worthy of note, he's just 'sucks hitlers balls in hell' bad.
happy thanksgiving (it only just got there today) and give the pirate a hug from me!

Loganoc said...

A "moralistic" poet? That sounds like fun...

homo escapeons said...

Cold feet = warm heart right?..oh that's hands..should be feet.

I peruse like a compensate I have taught myself to simply avoid grasping (highly overrated)any so-called message or meaning embedded within the text..HOW... by racing through the fuzzy grey blotchy pages at warp 10 and assuming what it it's all about.
Completely assinine but it sure saves time!

I cannot discuss bathroom related activities nor can I tolerate the works of William Shatner.

Deported..that will teach you to sneak into the Queen's bedchamber for a little chat!