Thursday, November 09, 2006


One branch down, two to go...


frobisher said...

We? has Bristol been a haven for the Democrats?

Seriously tho' - good news. I hope for a brighter future for the world.

Valerie said...

I am totally jumping up and down about this. And am cautiously optimistic for the future (for the first time in a long time)...

Anonymous said...

"A plague on both your houses....!!!!!!"

Just being shakesperian. Go Democrats !! Bring back Bill!!!!

Chaucer's Bitch said...

frobi: well, one democrat, anyway.

val: yeah, mee too. *crosses fingers*

anon: very clever.
(I would change the constitution to give bill another term or three.)

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting feverishly for a deliciously descriptive post ergo blog on Sunday night.

Anonymous said...

Great news obviously but I wonder if you could tell us CB where the democrats would lie in British politics? My feeling is they are pretty conservative with a few liberal elements.
Pleased to read in the Guardian today that Roe vs Wade seems safer than it was a few months ago.

ZB said...

Yeah, you've got the numbers but they've got the guns. And God on their side...

homo escapeons said...

FN made me 'hip' to your being a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.
The Presidential Race is on and tradionalilists love a split gov't so a Republican President is the odds on favorite.
Who knows? A lot can happen in two years... who do you 'like' for '08?

McCain v Clinton?
Guiliani v Obama?
Jeb Bush v Edwards ?

Chaucer's Bitch said...

So true. I even went to uni in Connecticut!

as for 08, i would like to see
Condi v. Hillary.

know why? Condi can't win. She looks good on a resume, sounds good behind a podium, but deep down the Republicans won't vote for a woman and they wont vote for a black person. Nor will they vote for a democrat. So they'll stay home. Condi v. Hillary garauntees a low voter turnout and a democratic victory.

Jeb Bush can't win - he has a brown wife and a kid in drug rehab. he was supposed to run instead of W originally, but the GOP nixed him as he's not ellectable.

Guiliani won't run. Health probs.

McCain. The only Republican i might actually vote for. I disagree with a lot of social issues, but he's honest as shit and extremely intelligent. I trust him.

Clinton. Bill or Hillary? I'd change the constitution to give Bill another term or 3 (hell, the only reason that amendment's there is because the Repubs wanted to get FDR out of the House). Hillary. Brilliant, driven, charismatic, but very devisive. I like her, but I don't know a) if she's winnable, or b) if she could be effective, given how deeply most of the country hates her. Too bad, because if she had the support of congress she's be great. We'd finally get a national health care system. And then maybe we could sign ratify the International Declaration of Human Rights, and wouldn't that be neat-o!

Barak Obama. Fabulous. Love him. Too young. Not legally, but still a bit of whippersnapper. Watch this space. Maybe 2012. He'll be the first black pres.

Edwards. Bit of a drip. Doesn't inspire me. But he has good hair and that squeeky clean look that middle america loves so much, so he might be viable as a puppet president. the question is who controls the strings?

I still like Wesley Clark as well. I think he needs to give serious consideration to a second run. the only reason he didn't get the nomination last time was he threw his hat into the ring too late. If he gets on the ball, the oval could be his.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

realdoc: sorry, i meant to do this earlier.

it's tough to make a direct comparison, because in America they're still fighting a lot of basic battles that you lot sorted out long ago. stuff like gun control. shouldn't even be an issue.

on the whole i'd say that our centre is somewhat to the right of your centre, but that's probably about as precise as i can make it.

perhaps i'll put together a little graph to give you more an idea of what the parties are all about.