Monday, December 11, 2006

Um, ok then

Definately the first time in my life I've ever been described as a "hipster."
I'm not even sure what that term means.
I think the bits about "You're unusual and emotional" and the stuff that comes after that is accurate enough, though.
Except maybe the bit about how easy it is to seduce me. That makes me sound, well, easy.
I'm not easy, am I?
Or do they mean it's easy for me to seduce others? Ha! If only they knew...


Valerie said...

I got a nasty answer on this test. It basically said I was a bad person and why did I bother to live? This made me sad, and of course question the authenticity of the test. I mean, I have led a colorful life. But not a mean or nasty one. So.. dunno..

Timorous Beastie said...

You won't seduce anyone if you are wearing those shoes, that's for sure.

Mangonel said...

They got me bang to rights . . .

frobisher said...

Wah! an ARMCHAIR - they called me a black hole of scary delusion.

What rubbish!

Chaucer's Bitch said...

val: i wouldn't put much stock in it. i thought a lot of the questions were really stoopid. in several cases neither answer applied to me so i just picked at random.

tb: y' got that right, sista. (though they bear a striking resemblance to the shoes my japanese flatmate wears - the dude i told you about earlier.)

mangonel: well i'm glad they got one of us, anyway.

frobi: obviously complete shite. we all know you're a star.

llewtrah said...

I did this and posted the result on the soapbox. It came out pretty accurate. I'm so careful not to take advantage of someone that I've all too often ended up helping another gal get the guy.

Llewtrah (darn beta!)

mutleythedog said...

They are sending someone to take me awy after doing your test - now I don't call that fair!

Anonymous said...

I'm a vigilante??

Men are lining up to get to know me?? ME??

I do not think this word means what they think it means.

They might have me pegged on the stubborn part, though :P

Babs (Dopey beta won't take, me either!!)

betty said...

I'm supposed to be an escape artist. Oooer, kinky.

Fortunately, the words "cynical" and "misanthropist" figured in the description. I wouldn't have expected anything less. Something about setting fire to log cabins was also mentioned. How did they manage to uncover my pyromania, eh?

Karen said...

I'm living in a bubble. Sad.


Donn said...

I am apparently a selfish big baby TANTRUM drama king sonofabitch my way or the highway complete whining asshole!
Tough, but fair.