Thursday, February 08, 2007

14 1/2 minutes of fame

It's a big week in the world of The Bitch. LC interviewed me over at Liars and Lunatics, and the illustrious Miss Annie has designated me one of her very prestigious "Blonks of the Week." Autographs are free, and all further requests for appearances should be directed to my agent.


Billy said...

Fame, fame, fatal fame.

frobisher said...

nice interview

hendrix said...

So has it changed you?

Valerie said...

Is the 14 1/2 because you're still saving 30 seconds for later?

Fun interview. And btw, banana bread recipe made me all drooly. (ew, drool.)

Michael said...

Religious fundamentalists. They think like sheep, lie like dogs, and breed like rats.

Is that CB original? I'm borrowing liberally and should know who to credit, right?

PS Nice stems.

Babs said...

You won't forget we little people now that you're at the top, will you??

And I SWEAR I won't hawk your autograph on Ebay.


Chaucer's Bitch said...

Billy: I was in Shepherd's Bush on Saturday, and I saw a woman walking a cute, white dog. I was sorely tempted to roll down the window of the car and shout "hello!"

Frobi: ta

HC: everything changes me. I'm not the same woman I was 5 minutes ago before that bowl of cruncy cereal.

Val: I'm unworthy of a full 15.

Michael: Thank you! It IS original. At least I'm pretty sure it. If I copied it from somewhere it was purely subconscious. PS. you're nuts. My stems are the worst thing about me!

Babs: if that pic is hawkable, for fuck's sake cut me 50%. I'm desperate for cash.

Dave said...

Fascinating insights.