Thursday, May 31, 2007

I can't sign this

because I'm not a UK citizen (yet), BUT YOU CAN!!!

Petition to ban plastic carrier bags

I realize that plastic bags aren't the worst problem facing the envirnment, but they are a problem, and one of the most easily fixed, at that. Pick up a couple re-usable carrier bags the next time you're at the supermarket, keep them in your car so they're always handy (if you drive) or by the back door. Plastic bags are just unnecessary. There's no excuse.


Annie Rhiannon said...

I can't believe the UK hasn't banned them already, it's pathetic. We are so backward in so many ways.

They're banned over here in Ireland, at least, you have to pay 50c each for them if you forget to bring your own.

Michael said...

Lately I've been keeping the plastic ones and bringing them back to the store with me. Not as good as getting the cloth, but at least they are getting some re-use.

Tim Footman said...

I use them as bin liners, and for picking up cat and dog shit. If I didn't use carrier bags, I'd have to buy purpose built ones. But making biodegradable polythene standard would be handy.

Homer said...

(What Tim fails to mention is that he doesn't actually own any pets, it's just a hobby. Pervert.)

Some woman from Big Evil Plastics R Us cited that as a reason not to outlaw free carriers, saying that in Ireland sales of bin liners shot up after the ban. I can't believe all, or even the majority of, carrier bags get re-used though.

Lorna said...

I have the cloth kind, including a very cute one from when I lived in Germany. It enjoins you to 'Haltet die Umwelt sauber' or similiar (my German's a bit ropey - sorry), and there's a picture of a frog and a tortoise kissing under a raindow. Now if that display of tender interspecies love doesn't get people recycling, I don't know what will...

PS - am just going to sign.

Babs said...

We bought a bunch of the canvassy type bags from Shop 'n Stop and hardly ever employ plastic bags now when shopping--only if we've over-shopped and run out of room. And we re-use those, don't just chuck them in the bin.

We get the oddest look in Pathmark walking in with canvas bags advertising another supermarket :P

First Nations said...

we have biodegradable ones here...they disintegrate in sunlight-something i've proven to my satisfaction in my compost bin btw. otherwise we recycle them! yay us!

re your animated girlie:
isn't that one arm getting kind of overdeveloped? >>>>>

The Hopeless Romantic said...

I have to agree with Tim on this one - although there's no excuse on the bags not being biodegradable.

Frobisher said...

The technology is already there - bags can be made from corn starch and be bio degradable, why isn't it more widespread?

James said...

I never really like the idea of banning things unnecessarily but I do think shops should be prevented from giving them away for free. Ireland’s way of doing things definitely seems to be the best.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

AR: The Land of Ire sounds very civilized. If only they would catch up on the whole reproductive rights thing.

Michael: if you're already taking plastic bags back to the store for re-use, why not use canvas and dispense with the plastic altogether? You could find some very shiek, trendy totes!

Tim: do you buy bread from the store? If you use bread bags for the dog poo you could derrogate the need for carrier bags.

Homer: Ha! and, not a chance.

Lorna: thank you!

Babs: ditto. I have canvas bags from The Unicorn and Sainsbury's. I love taking them into Tesco.

HR: my only concern with the corn starch idea is that i kind of hate to see food grown for purposes other than food when there are so many hungry people in the world. seems wrong.

Frobi: see above comment.

James: my only objection to a per bag fee is that it would be a much greater inconvenience for lower income families. wealthy families might decide to just eat the cost for convenience sake, whereas a ban would effect everyone equally.

Anonymous said...

'The Land of Ire sounds very civilized. If only they would catch up on the whole reproductive rights thing'.

Thank you for recognising that we are civilised - maybe I'm being touchy but you sound a trifle patronising to my ear.

And what in the name of God are you talking about re catching up on reproductive rights? You are misinformed and about a generation out of date. Reinforces the patronising effect.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Anonymous: I was basing my comment about Ireland's lack of reproductive rights on the FACT that they have the most restrictive abortion laws in the EU, only allowing a woman to terminate a pregnancy if her life is in danger.

But since you didn't have the balls to leave me a link to your blog, I can't go leave anonymous insulting comments on your page. Now fuck off.