Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Weekend musings, part the turd

2 (or maybe 3) weeks ago, at the conclusion of a snuggly, pillow-talk discussion about the future, both the long-term and what we were going to do with ourselves the rest of the afternoon:

{disclaimer to A, close personal friend (and now part-time housemate) of Pirate-- if you're reading this, please pretend you didn't. thank you.}

Pirate: I know. I've got an idea that will answer your questions and solve the problem of what to do today.

Me: Oh?

P: We need to go shopping.

M: shopping?

P: But I need to ask you a question first.

M: (mind spinning!)

P: or maybe we should go shopping first, and then I should ask you the question...

M: (stunned silence, terrified to hope)

P: (more to himself than me) I'm not sure the best way to do this. Question first or shopping first...

M: (remembering that Pirate has a habit of saying things that are open to a variety of interpretations) You realize how this sounds, don't you? My mind is spinning. If you're talking about going grocery shopping because you're low on yogurt and bananas, please Please PLEASE for the love of all that's holy -- disillusion me right. now.

P: I know how it sounds.

M: (waiting)

P: (also waiting. for what? invitation from the Queen?) I don't know if I should ask you the question first or if we should go shopping first.

M: If you can't decide, then I will. Question first.

P: (more silence)

P: (still more silence)

M: (gives P kiss for reassurance)

P: (squirming)...

M: (eventually deciding that P has painted himself into a corner and in need of a rescue) If it's that hard to spit out, this obviously isn't the time. You wanna go to the gym?

P: (leaping out of bed) Yes! Let's go to the gym! (bounces like Tigger into his gym shorts)

M: *sigh*

progress. definately progress. I decided to let it lie. I genuinely don't want to pressure him. Then last weekend:

Sunday night Pirate says (in the course of a long, silly conversation about nothing in particular), "I'm really happy with life the way it is. I don't feel the need to change it."
I, of course, am slightly concerned by this seeming turn of events, but it was late at night, and I'm shit at discussions late at night. I get all emotional and cry at the drop of a hat and nothing is ever accomplished, so I decided to forget it.

The next morning we had a few minutes before he had to be off for work. I was packing my bags and he sat down beside me. Perfect opportunity.
"Perhaps you could clear something up for me," say I. "Remember your little waffle a couple weeks ago when you couldn't decide to go shopping or ask me a question and ended up doing neither?"
"I'm just a little confused, because that seems to conflict with what you said last night. Could you clarify that for me?"
"Oh! Last night I meant that I was happy with the universe in general. I don't need superpowers or anything to be happy. I just meant that I'm happy the way I am, and life is good. And I've worked out that other matter. You'll find out next weekend."

Well! That was far more of an explanation than I'd hoped for. (And when I thought about it later, I realized what a romantic thing he'd said. We had been talking about silly party questions like 'If you could have any one animal part as part of our body, what would it be?' and that kind of stuff. But he's genuinely, completely happy with his life and himself, and that's a hell of a thing. It really is.) And the 'next weekend' of which he spoke is this coming weekend. I haven't done a lick of work all week. I'm all a-twitter. My brain is everywhere except where it should be.

So kiddies. Be here Monday afternoon (Greenwich time), and maybe, just maybe, there will be an exciting announcement here at M.E.

(and if the suspense is killing you, just imagine what it's doing to me!)


Lorna said...

Ooh, exciting! All fingers and toes crossed for you!

Michael said...

Holy. Shite.

I wish I could be your girlfriend THERE instead of your girlfriend HERE, because I'd be taking you for lunch or dinner so we could twitter and chat and dish over our dishes.



CresceNet said...
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helena said...

Another one with their fingers and toes crossed, hoping that you get the question you want...

I'll start looking for a suitable hat - just in case!

pink jellybaby said...

how exciting!!! and agonising as well!

i've only got as far as 'one day, yes' with my Boy! *sigh*

GreatSheElephant said...

If this turns out to be another ball gown I'm going to come over and beat him round the head and then reverse over him in his Aston Martin. Just spit it out already, Pirate!

Miss Melville said...

Thought the gown was nice, I'm with GSE on this one... I'll be waiting by the phone, m'dear!

Frobisher said...

I have solved it! he's going to buy you your own pillow!

Chaucer's Bitch said...

honestly, the length of some of your guys' memories is frightening. you actually remember the ball gown? and the pillow??? wow. either you really love me or you seriously need to get your collective self a life.

red said...

I'm new to you and the Pirate, so I don't know anything about ballgowns or pillows. I hope you get the question you want.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Hi, Red. Welcome. If you want the back story (and you've got a few minutes to spare) check out the posts from July 2006 titled
"Soap Opera,"
"Episode II: There's a line back there somewhere,"
"Part III: Between a Sponge and a Soft Place," and
"The Decision."

If you're feeling really ambitious you can click the label "Pirate" on the sidebar and get the whole story, but there's a lot of material there. The above posts will tell you most of what you need to know. Put the kettle on and have fun reading!

FirstNations said...

the suspense has proven too much and I have taken to drink. I blame france.

オウム said...

CB. As instructed, I scrolled right past this one and the comments for my own sanity! :-)

Chaucer's Bitch said...

FN: don't we all?

T}A: (how did you get those characters?) I didn't say you couldn't read it, just asked you to pretend you hadn't. :-D

ziggi said...

I haven't been able to bear the suspense I've been drinking since monday and still the week end to go!

Geosomin said...