Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We Have Lift-off!

Finally some decisions have been made. Yay! I had an amazingly productive day. I...

  • confirmed the date, booked the church, and sent the deposit
  • confirmed the date and booked the hotel for the reception
  • further refined the menu with the chef
  • canceled the other venues that were doing things for me
  • spoke with the reverend at the parish where i am resident about having the banns read (we're getting married in a parish where neither of us is resident, which makes things tricky)
  • got a final guest list from the in-laws
  • got addresses to send out Save the Date cards
  • purchased the Save the Date cards
  • and the address labels to go with them
  • and post cards with pretty photos of Bristol to put inside them
  • and ribbon to wrap the gift of the reception we're going to on Saturday
  • went to a lecture
  • talked on the phone with my mom for an hour
  • met with one of my bridesmaids about dress fittings
  • picked up the first bits of my dress from the dressmaker, which will be sent home to mom who will do the embroidery
  • sorted out all the flower arrangements for the church
  • contacted the organist about music
  • went to a boat club meeting
  • ate a lemon drizzle cake
  • and a pan of stir-fried veggies with coconut, ginger, and basil sauce

whew. i feel better. (about everything except my degree.*)

don't worry, this will be the last post about wedding shenannigans for a while. maybe.

*yes I know it's ultimately more important, but there are other things that need to be done more immediately. christ, you sound like my mother.


Rimshot said...

Holy wow! I'm exhausted just reading that. And you were worried.

*sniffle* our little C.B. is all grown up and getting married!*sob*

Glad that things have taken a turn for the positive. Go team Pirate!

Hannah said...

Yikes. I think I need a cup of tea and a sit down...