Friday, February 29, 2008

Almost there

Hi all!

I'm still in Capetown, but Pirate and I are leaving tonight. I'll be back in the UK tomorrow morning, and probably begin all the back blogging on Sunday or Monday. I have some great stories to share, including videos of
  • Hot hot penguin-on-penguin action
  • My baptism by full immersion into Pirate's cricket club
And of course, lots of lovely photos. I can't wait to share it all with you. Not much longer now, I promise.

Oh, and here's one more teaser: we're going this afternoon to pick up...

MY WEDDING RING! (Gold and diamonds being much cheaper in SA than the UK)

Ciao for now, my dahlinks! *Muah!*


Da Nator said...

Whee! Looking forward to seeing and reading about it all!

Oh, and I tagged you for a meme over on my blog. Enjoy!

FirstNations said...

oh MY! i must fan myself briskly and send katy down to fetch me a julep! *waits with bated breath for hot penguin action*

so, did you......?
are you.......?

Henry North London said...

ye have been tagged, ye must do the necessary, Ye hath been tagged by me

Diamonds are the nicest thing in south afrika

Barnaby said...

You are finally back!

We must meet up. I messaged our mutual ex-flatmate to invite her out for dinner on Tuesday before the sec. soc. AGM. I haven't had a reply yet but maybe we could all three meet up that evening?

Take care,

Amber T. said...

Hot penguins. Awesome.

Free Porn said...

Wow "baptism by full immersion" sound hot! I hope we wont be disapointed