Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here I am!

I know I need to work on my finishes. They're not strong enough and my recovery is crap (I'm starting up the slide slowly and accelerating toward the catch. That should be the other way around.) Also I'm not squaring up my blades soon enough. That said, it's not too shabby.


FirstNations said...

good LORD woman, how many mph do you figure you're going when you're in the middle of your game? you were cooking down that river!!

curious: i know a few people who sea kayak and canoe. have you ever had a fish jump into your boat? they swear that something about rowing either attracts fish or makes them try to attack you. (nuts? you decide. it ain't me saying it!)

Timorous Beastie said...

You look pretty cool to me.

ziggi said...

by god you're fit,

impressed I am, very impressed!

Chaucer's Bitch said...

FN: um, not many, but thanks for the compliment. I've never had a fish jump in my boat, but I regularly get attacked by swans. a swan. We named him Triton. Come nesting season he's a real asshole.

TB: thanks, hun.

Ziggi: by god sort of! it's a work in progress, but cheers.

S. Vincent said...

its not so much your finishes that need work as your pivot/body over. Cycle the hands out smoothly, make sure your head and chest is up, and then pivot fully over. You can control the last part of your slide and catch much easier once you shift your weight to your hips with a good pivot. Cut out just a smidgeon of layback, sit up tall at the release and those hands will cycle out a bit smoother and you'll have an easier time pivoting further and quicker. You may also have to shift your seat more towards your hamstrings to keep you more upright.

Go back to basics just a little bit more, but other than those little ticky tack little things, you are doing awesome. At least you pull, which is more than most rowers do :)