Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The 70s Rock

In my quest to expand my music collection (remember that whinge, about a year ago), i FINALLY went and bought a few CDs. (Mostly because the Waterstones that was downstairs from me closed and was replaced by a Fopp, which sells CDs for 3-5 pounds apiece. Fab.) I got:

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival, Recollection (2 CD set)
  • The Very Best of the Electric Light Orchestra (stop laughing, damnit), and
  • AC/DC Live: 2 CD Collector's addition

What did i pay for all this musical wonderousness? 15 pounds, bitch! It's even cheaper than iTunes!!!

(I stopped short of buying Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell III. I loved BoH I & II, but they wanted 12 quid for no. III and I'm pore, damnit! Anyone out there got a copy I can burn?)

I'm on a hiiiiiii-way to HELL! I'm on a hiiiiiiiiii-way to HELL! *bangs head like deranged cockatoo*


Billy said...

ELO???? ELO????

Can't fault your other choices though.

Annie Rhiannon said...

You bought 70's rock! Of COURSE it's cheap!

FirstNations said...

hey, we just bought the same ACDC compilation!!*BANGING HEAD, HOLDING LIGHTER ALOFT*

Dave said...

You crazy swinger you.

I bought the Best of David Essex last week.

helena said...

I quite like ELO...(she says very quietly) but not as much I like Credence (shame they never got any royalties) and AC/DC are one of my all time favourite bands,(but only with Bon Scott.

However consider yourself lucky that you didn't buy BOH 3. I got a copy (as a gift) and only listened to it once. It was very disappointing

CompuNerd said...

Wow!!!! So much wrong in one single post. Not even sure where to start...ELO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell!!!!

AC/DC I'll give ya as I have 10 of thier albums on my iPod that I listen to.

You claim poverty so why not just use a Napster like program and, uh, borrow(yeah, that's it) your music?

llewtrah said...

FOPP? I thought they'd all vanished due to bankruptcy.

Geosomin said...


I just can't follow you there.

But the CCR? Good stuff.
If you like that sort of thing...what about some Gomez?

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Billy: laugh it up, Fuzzball.

AR: it's a good thing i'm square; i really can't afford to have trendy taste.

First Nations shook me aaaaaaaaaaalll niiiiiiiii-iiiight long!!!

Dave: who?

Helena: Really? BOH3 was a disappointment? that's a shame, i love meatloaf. I don't suppose you still have it, do you? I'd like to borrow it if possible. (Then if it's shit i don't have to feel guilty about wasting $$$ on it. It was 12 quid even at FOPP.)

C-Nerd: cuz i got morals, dawg.

Llewtra: it seems there's a vestigial one still lurking in Brizzle.

Geo: Gomez? like, Adams?

Billy said...

Fopp is still open in Bristol? After they destroyed Replay Records. Damn them.

CompuNerd said...

Morals??? Sounds like the morality class we had to take in High School.

dawg??? Did Randy Jackson show up here and not announce his presence?

Seriously, if you are stricken with poverty, do what you can. iTunes is just too expensive for what you need and to download a few off of Napster to fill your iPod with some new stuff works.

Michael said...

To all the ELO haters, I have two words: Xana. Du.

Revere ELO. Bow to ELO. Make naked pagan sacrifice to ELO.

All over the world....

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Billy: they just re-opened, actually. Where the Waterstones on College Green used to be.

C/nerd: "morals" is really just a high-horse way of saying "i don't know how." now you know my shameful secret.

Michael: said the ABBA worshiper!

Michael said...


hendrix said...

I think I've got in a drawer somewhere, I'll have a hunt around.

CompuNerd said...

Ah, now we have a better view of your "morals".

Well, since I have never seen or worked with a computer before, not sure how much I can help you out :)

Catch up with me sometime and I can assist if you would like.

Geosomin said...

Gomez is a British band...rocky and a bit bluesy. Good stuff.
They have a compilation album "5 Men in a Hut"...might be a good alnbum to have a listen to to get the drift of them.

Donn said...

I love that ELO..even Randy Newman wrote a song by the same name.

The Music scene peaked in the 70s..
it will never be as eclectic and influential again. People studied Albums like Novels and Paintings..
now it's pffft!