Saturday, April 12, 2008

Off to camp

to bust my balls* for a week, rowing 3 times a day in 50 degree rain. Arse. I will be back late next Thursday night, and I will be working all next Friday, and Pirate will be coming over Friday evening, and we won't have seen each other for 2 weeks at that point, so unless I have internet access at camp, I won't be posting again until Saturday April 19. See you then!

*and if you think for a second that i don't possess balls, you're obviously new to this blog.


Michael said...

Now I'm wondering if you'll be more sore from all the rowing or from Friday evening.

And, yes, yours are balls of legend.

FirstNations said...

oh yes, one epic great meal and then WHOOSH she's off to parts exotic to smush another vertebral disc. wow, you wacky jet setters.
*slinks off muttering enviously*

Geosomin said...

Hope you and your balls have a wonderful time.