Monday, July 14, 2008

How I pulled my ass cheek

This weekend Pirate and I were going to see Wall-e, but I got the date for the release wrong and it wasn't out yet. Grrrr.

So instead we went to the club and stuck me in the nets to teach me how to bat properly. (Apparently the half-ton I got this weekend for the Bowl Movement CC was a fluke.) It turns out I'm a left-hander.

I started out as a right-hander, which is what would be expected, since I'm right-handed. But i just couldn't get the coordination right. It felt forced and contrived and totally unnatural. So I switched sides. After 10 seconds of feeling slightly weird it all came together and I was blocking shots like a pro.

Pirate is a good coach, if slightly exasperating. In his job he is a pirate trainer, taking kids off the street and instilling in them all the best pirating values. I got a good sense yesterday of how his wee piratettes see him.

Several buckets of tennis balls later (i didn't have any pads, so we used softer balls), Pirate's bat was feeling very heavy indeed, and my back was getting sore, so we called it a day. I woke up today with a pulled ass.


Geosomin said...


HA ha!

*ducks and runs*

S.Vincent said...

WALL-E is awesome as per usual Pixar. I have seen it twice. Thus, living in the USA wins again. YAY! we don't even have asses to pull over here, just big booty's.

ziggi said...

my god you're a lucky devil!

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Geo: *whines* It snot funny!

Well, ok it is pretty funny. But it does hurt.

Vince: blah blah whatever

zig: um, why?

Dave said...

Oddly, you've been batting for BMCC all season as a left-hander.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Dave: really? That's a hoot!