Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mega-girly Girliness

Not my normal scene, I know. But yesterday I had an uber-girly day out with one of my bridesmaids. After a nice lunch of posh salads and white wine in the Slug & Lettuce we went lingerie shopping for The Big Day.

I bought an ivory satin bosque that has more lift than a Saturn 5 rocket. It turns out I have tits.* Who knew?!

Then we went to see Prince Caspian and drool over the hot kid with the faux Spanish accent playing PC. *fans face* The really sad and surprising thing is that despite PC's hotness it was the wet-chinned public school prat playing Peter who got me going in the scene where he fights Usurper Shiraz. I mean god DAMN I loves me a shiny suit of armor. *fans faster* Really, it wasn't Peter, just the way he wore that tin can with the red tabard and looked all "I'm about to die but I'm so taking you with me you fake-accented fucker." Mmmm.

(this pic would be better if he wasn't pouting. that's susan's job anyway)

Then there was more food at Frankie & Bennies where we ordered some very contrived menu item calling itself 'The Americana.' I don't know what made it American, but it were tastee. Also more wine.

w00t for (occassional) girlyness and very decadent 2-meals-out days.

*Really awesome ones


Gordie said...

Woooh... tits and booze and over indulgence! If you have a sister with a brain like yours, I am so interested. ;-)

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Sorry, no sisters. Just one brother.

Michael said...

I'm all for girly days. In a few weeks I'm having a haircut/mani/pedi day with some dude I bought off the internet. No, I didn't buy him. Actually haven't met him yet, though.

Oh, and mazel tov on the takka boobies.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

seriously, you should see them. i had no idea myself. it's like they came... from nowhere...

*puts tin foil hat back on*