Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Most refreshing cocktail ever conceived

I'm drinking this as I type, and it's lush as Eden. Goes down a little too easily, to be frank.

In a pint glass add:
juice of 1 sweet, ripe grapefuit
several splashes of gin
top up with tonic water.
Drink like it's goin' outta style.

Now it needs a name! Suggestions in the usual place.


Annie said...

Grinfruit Splash.

Sounds good actually. Although all that squeezing of actual fruit sounds a bit messy.

Billy said...

Add some bitters and that would be perfect.


grapecat said...

add a splash of elderflower cordial -
ummmmmmmmmm *sigh*
gotta try it
something about the elderflower/grapefruit/gin thing really really sizzles.

Malc said...

The Mrs Pig Farmer

I can't believe she hasn't tried it - you can be sure she will be soon.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

annie: messy is good!

billy: what exactly is bitters, anyway?

g-cat: i've never tried elderflower. must give it a go one of these days.

malc: surely you can better than that!

Sal said...

i'm with billy

and "bitters" is angostura bitters, and is an alcohol-steeped infusion of south american treebarks. it's also lovely splashed early over steak you're frying fast & hot.

also: elderflower rocks. too.

for a name:
how about "watermelon smile"?
just to give the PC brigade and the borisjohnsonphobes apoplexy.

Donnnnn said...

I'd call it a GRIN
GRapefruit & gIN.

Rimshot said...

Well, grapefruit juice and vodka is a greyhound, so I suggest you call it a: RETIRED RACER

My Molly would be pleased.

S.Vincent said...

a "Bitter Bomb"

ziggi said...

the squint - cos if you drink it to fast and on an empty stomach it's what you have to do to see straight (actually at all)


FirstNations said...

except for the gin, its a Greyhound. so maybe...a Saluki?

I'm reaching, I know. but 'Chihuahua' is already taken because I INVENTED THAT.

a Juniper Sour?

a Texarkana?

a Harlow's Revenge? (from that one movie scene when Jimmy Cagney mooshed one in her face?)

FirstNations said...

I'm with cb on this, billy, what are bitters xackly?

Sal said...

*tchoh* - i already TOLE you!

how about "Grapeshot"? as in, an old style of cannon ammunition.

Sal said...

heh, wikipedia's entry is parTICularly appropriate:

>Grapeshot is a type of anti-personnel ammunition used in cannons.

you could also then label your adopted drinking area "the cannon". as in, being able to cry "once more unto the breech!" [sic] whenever the urge to a grapeshot is upon you

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Ooh, this is tough. Right now I'm leaning to 'Grapeshot' and 'Harlow's Revenge.' They both have an excellent ring.

'Grapeshot' has the problem of potentially sounding like the drink is made with grapes rather than grapefruit (and let's face it, grapefruit is the dumbest name for a fruit ever. I mean, GRAPES are fruit, too!)

'Harlow's Revenge' is awesome, but obscure.

Even so, those are my favs of the mo.

ooh, and Rum and Cranberry juice with a twist of lime is now officially (in my world) known as "Sex in the Bog." Props to whoever suggest that. Your mission is now to go out and order it and get pissy with bartenders who've never heard of it. :-D

grapecat said...

how about a lurcher?
that's half greyhound half ??
also descriptive of end state after several.