Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pirate's Awesome Match at Lord's

Pirate played a cricket match at Lord's recently. It was quite the red letter day. (For the Yanks who don't know, Lord's is the most prestigious cricket ground in England.)

He opened the bowling and took 2 wickets, more than anyone else on his side, but not until the opposition had racked up 165 runs with their opening partnership. Ouch.
During lunch the crowd (yes, there was a crowd of about 3,500 people. We were all seated in the Grand Stand, where I took these photos from, so looking across the pitch all you see are empty seats, but that's because all the spectators were behind me) was entertained by a very good band.

At teatime the players were introduced to Princess Anne (that's her in the yellow dress. I was too lazy to paste an arrow in for you). I asked Pirate what he said to her and he told me that she enquired about his job, which he described for her. Then she went on to feign interest in the next player.

Finally Pirate got to bat. When he came on to the pitch it was looking dire for his side, as they had lost a lot of wickets quite quickly and gotten few runs. The team and the crowd were getting despondent. Then he came out and smashed a 4 off the first ball and the crowd cheered. He continued hitting 4s until he had taken the team from a position of almost certain defeat to a likely draw. At one point the crowd was even chanting his name! Pi-rat! Pi-rat! Pi-rat!
When he was eventually bowled they put his photo up on all the big scoreboards. He is even awesomer than I am. The end.


Dave said...

Lords is actually the second-best ground in England, after BMCC's.

FirstNations said...

oh that is SO COOL!!!!!!!!
you do realize that you have just about lived every little american girls fantasy dream come true, right? omg. DASHING PIRATES, HEROIC SPORTS WINS, ENGLAND...all that AND AN INTRODUCTION TO A PRINCESS?!? come on!
in your face, catholic school hos!!!!!! EAT IT!!!

Donnnnn said...

Gadzooks that must have been thrilling! I wish that I understood Cricket..
it appears to be a hodge-podge mish-mash of Baseball & Lawn Bowling, played by men (sans roids) in Gatsby costumes. Rather posh and refined compared to most.

The lingo is cool..dismissals, overs, stumps, word...who'd a thunk that you could have so much fun with three stumps and two balls!

Malc said...

I'm desperately envious and pathetically impressed.

Err, Donnnnn. . . two balls? No wonder you don't get it.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Dave: that goes without saying.

FN: except I didn't get to meet the Princess. I'd have liked to, though. She's the good one. (Or as Pirate says, "face like a slapped ass but more brains than the rest of the family put together." he's probably right, too.)

Donn: it was very exciting. posh and pretentious, but exciting.

Malc: technically you do use 2 balls per match, just not at the same time. So Donn was right! (Whoda thunk it?)

John said...

not knowing anything about cricket, i'm trusting you that you didn't just write a bunch of sentences with random words dropped in to make it sound like a sporting event, but not QUITE a sporting event. maybe you were in a drinking game:

Use the words wicket, opening and partnerhip in a non-sexual way all in the same sentence or you have to take shot of tequila. Bonus shot if you can incorporate a princess in a yellow dress.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Take drink every time a wicket falls, two whenever some muppet drops a catch, and three if the catch was dropped as a result of full-on, keystone cop, fielders-crashing-into-each-other action!