Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Short Human

One of my teammates just announced she's pregnant, so I had this printed up for her at the T-shirt place up the road.
Well what the hell else do you get a knocked-up rower??? (Someone better get me one of these when I start spawning, that's all I'm saying.)


FirstNations said...

more apt than you know..!

S.Vincent said...

don't make threats of that kind of parental terrorism or I'll send george bush over there to take you out!

for a joke, thats frighteningly realistic isn't it? yikes!

Gordie said...

Getting pregnant could be a pretty cool way to compensate for moving to a town without a decent rowing team. Or, should you prefer, you can drink beer on the Barbican under the plaque which marks the spot where Myles Standish assembled the crew of the Mayflower. Either way, enjoy your last days as an alien and happy nuptials!