Friday, January 30, 2009

Is she a woman, or a guppy???

Is anyone else at all distressed that a mother of 6 children (ages 2-7, which means she didn't get her period for 5 years) felt the need to have fertility treatment? Am I the only one who thinks that's crazy?

1. I SERIOUSLY hope her health insurance didn't pay for that fertility treatment
2. What on earth makes her think she's capable of looking after 6 kids AND 8 infants at the same time, while her husband is on duty in Iraq no less???
3. Why would anyone want that many kids? I can understand having 14 kids in the grand old days before birth control. You either had to accept that you'll be a baby machine or give up having sex with your husband for the rest of your life. I know what I would have chosen. But this is the 21st century people! You no longer have to make that choice. Wake up and smell The Pill!

8 babies. That's not a family, it's a LITTER. It's dangerous (for the mother and the kids), it's irresponsible and puts an unfair drain on social service programs and the medical system (at the end of the day, whether she's on medicare and wellfare or and employed adult with health coverage, it's still the rest of us who are picking up the tab for this woman's personal attempt to populate the planet with her own spawn), and it's not fair on the rest of her kids, who will now be completely ignored until the 8 babies are all out of diapers.

Am I the only one who thinks this is nuts?


Geosomin said...

Nope-right on track. It's selfishness pure and simple.
Not like life imposes a limit - hell, have as many kids as you like. But I think already having that many kids...if you can't have anymore without medical help then leave it be.
I watched a close friend struggle with the burden of twins...I can't imagine 8 at once. Her other kids will feel like leftovers. Dealing with the mere practicality of it all boggles the mind.
I say, be happy with whatever life deals out...tho for me I really hope it's not 8.

Rog said...

That's far too ginaggerous...

Valerie said...

I can't even imagine ONE — so my opinion is suspect. One assumes that religion had something to do with decisionmaking here.

LC said...

How dare you! It's a woman's divine right to have as many babies as she wants, even if somebody else has to pay for the fertility treatment and cost of raising the children.

Henry North London said...

It is a litter, But then again hopefully its her decision, She's hardly going to give up 6 of them for adoption now is she.

She made her bed now shes going to have to lie in it.

It may interest you to know that when I was a naive young thing of 11 I wanted 74 children, God knows why but I soon grew up and decided on just four, and then I came out as gay and now Im probably not going to have any

Its a little unusual to have 14 children from one wife but as long as the oil is here and there is plentiful food its her sleep that will not manage a decent rest for the next five years

A very dear friend of mine had twins and then a singleton and decided to go for another pregnancy to have the fourth

She had twins again.. They are managing but she has decided that she wants no more kids.. God knows what this woman was thinking

secret agent bitchypants said...

She declared bankruptcy last year, and has two workman's comp cases to fund her fertility in a way, all workers of America are paying for her kids, and will more likely than not continue to as she "gets (her) Masters" as she claimed on the Today show. With 14 kids. With little support. It's child abuse, pretty much. One kid has autism already, and so she...dedicates her life to them? NO. She craps out eight more kids.
Single or no...there is something wrong with this whole thing. I read today the FDA or some such entity is investigating her doctors now, as it was an abuse of practice and unsafe to boot.