Monday, February 02, 2009

The Life Domestique

Ah, the pleasantries of matrimonial banality. Everything, no matter how lovely or how miserable, is just that little bit nicer or more bearable. This weekend we:

Got Pirate new glasses, went to the pest store and bought 7 fish (6 guppies and an algae eater, if you must know), and visited The Gables Farm to pick a cat to adopt (we chose 2 kittens, but they're not available yet. Watch this space).

Sunday we baked loads of muffins, spilled 4 gallons of hot soapy water on the kitchen floor and cleaned it up, made a pot of chili, scooped a dead guppy out of the aquarium, and tried to have a super-bowl party but failed to have any friends cool enough to come.

Pirate ordered me a calendar online that he made with my own photographs, I refilled the bird feeders and cleaned the hamster cage. (It was a big weekend for animals, apparently.)

Nothing was monumentous; it was just nice to have a companion. Even cleaning 4 gallons of water off the kitchen floor became a laughable offense rather than a swearing, cursing, day-ruining event. God it's good to be home.

I'll try to have something bad happen to me in the next week or two so I can write something interesting instead of all this mushy drivel.


GreatSheElephant said...

They really picked a good moment to photograph Garfield lol. I want them all...

Timorous Beastie said...

Are fish considered pests down your way, then?

The Pixy Princess said...

lol, I was wondering the same Beastie!

Wandering Wynie said...

It's not mushy, it sounds like Elysium!