Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Once more unto the breach, dear friends

I'm eating leftover homemade spetzla with onion gravy for lunch and drinking Franziskaner, but that's not important right now. The key here is, what should I name my new bakery?

I know I asked you this before, but I've narrowed it down to 3 finalists, so I'm going to smoke one more pole. I mean poll. Yeah. (And no, I am not so think as you drunk I am in the diddle of the may.)

To give y'all my thoughts on the finalists, I'd like to construct a handy table, but blogger is not big on tables, so you'll just have to plow though the nicely laid-out text. Here goes.


Cons: What the fuck have fish got to do with cakes? We're not talking fish-flavoured cakes here, are we?

Pros: No we're bloody not. The kingfisher is a symbol of unspoilt countryside. It suggests beauty, purity, and a bit of sparkle. It's elusive, and therefore a bit magical. Cakes should be beautiful, sparkle, and be a little magical. You get it now?


Pros: Suggests big, grand celebrations. Evokes images of big ball gowns and stuff covered in gold. Majestic, gradiose, royal. Everything a cake should be.

Cons: The last coronation was in 1953. The word 'coronation' resurrects memories of stuffy, awful, 1950s cuisine, doilies, old women in clunky shoes, and chunks of chicken covered in gloopy, yellow mayonaise. And a god-awful, long-running soap opera.


Pros: Nothing says 'party' like confetti! Except maybe cakes. Cheerful, colorful, light, and whimsical. Everything a cake should be.

Cons: Not quite as distinctive as the other two. Harder to spell. (Is that one 'f' and two 'ts' or two 'fs' and one 't'?)

So what d'y'all think? Comments in the usual place, vote in the sidebar on the left.


Annie said...


think how lovely the logo will be

GreatSheElephant said...


Think how lovely the cakes will be

FirstNations said...


Think how lovely the...coronation thingies...will be.

GreatSheElephant said...

Hey - firstnations - long time no see.

apple said...

Kingfisher Cakes - is nice but might get confused with Kingfisher Blue cakes in Wiltshire. My favourite name so far.

Coronation Cakes - very regal, but is that a little cliche for England?

Confetti cakes - Good idea, that is probably why it is already taken :( http://www.confetticakes.co.uk/

Mr Farty said...

I had a feeling Confetti was already taken. Coronation might sound too high-class and pricey, unless that's your demographic? "Cake-maker to the Queen, don't-you-know?"

Wandering Wynie said...

Kingfisher all the way!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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helena said...

Agree with you completely re the cons of Coronation Cakes, it does just make think of coronation chicken. And although I like coronation chicken, possibly not in conjunction with cakes (unless I was really drunk). So that ones out.

Confetti Cakes - just no. It doesn't sound right and it only makes me think of weddings which could potentially limit your market in terms of what people associate with the name. The fact that the url's taken doesn't really matter to be honest - you could always have confetti-cakes.com which is available. But I don't like it.

Kingfisher Cakes. I like the way the words sound together but I have no automatic brand association with the name. It doesn't make me think of beauty, purity or sparkle it makes me think of very traditional home-cooked cakes, lemon cakes and rock buns - tea room sort of cakes. If that's what you're going to be making then it's perfect.

The fact that you're asking again about the name though suggests that you're not a 100% convinced that Kingfisher Cakes is the name you want for your business and you need to be in love with the business name you choose because not only will you be saying it a lot but your business name needs to inspire you (I suppose it's like deciding on what to call your child!). It took me six months to finally decide on my business name but I love it and every time I hear it, see it or say it I'm inspired by it.

What about Fabulous Cakes! (with the exclaimation mark) Does what it says on the (cake) tin.

(I've just checked and fabulouscakes.com is taken, but fabulous-cakes.com is available which from an seo point of view is actually a better name (having the word cakes in the url).

GreatSheElephant said...

thinking laterally, how about Pirate Cakes or Chaucer Cakes? or Wife of Bath Cakes?

Ezri said...

Ooo, I really love Wife of Bath Cakes - classy but with a sense of humor - I wish I'd thought of it :) If we're going really Medieval, you could invert the Kingfisher and throw out Fisher King (like the Holy Grail of Cakes)

But I really really like Wife of Bath Cakes. Though after all the years of PhD toil you may wish to be rid of the Middle Ages and enter a more modern era. It might be cool to try some Medieval specialties though. It'd be something really different and novel to get folks in the door and then hook them so they keep coming back for more :)

Ok, two cents done. Good luck with it, whatever name you choose!

Mrs. Chaucer's Pirate said...

apple: thanks for shooting down all my ideas. that's helpful.

helena: actually, the reason i'm asking again is because i quite like Kingfisher Cakes, but i didn't think it would be popular with anyone else. a business name needs to appeal to the wider public as well as the proprieter.

gse: interesting ideas. pirate is fun, but doesn't strike quite the right note. and i think that chaucerian literary references are just too obscure. i don't think people would get it or remember it. but i appreciate your suggestions.