Monday, April 05, 2010

Announcing Yakee Cakes!

I finally did it! I have a business! A real one, with a website and everything. Check it out:

Now, my technical advisor (Pirate) informs me that for my website to be known to search engines there have to be lots of links to it on other websites. I've created a couple business listings in places like, but it would really help if each of you would just whack a link to my business in your blog. It doesn't matter what continent you're on, there just need to be a ton of links out there in the ether.

Pirate explained a new website is like a walled garden, and every link you create is gate in the wall. Make enough gates, and eventually Google will notice you exist.

(For the techies who are now rolling their eyes, we've already done the meta data and keywords in the html code.)

Now get linking and send me some business!

(and if you know of any one in the soutwest who's getting married, point them my way.)


Wandering Wynie said...

Keeping all crossable extremities crossed in the hope that Yankee Cakes is a roaring success!
Woo hoo!

donn said...

Your site is beautiful and everything looks so delish!
How exciting!?

Dr Rohen Kapur said...


This mental acolyte is standing for parliament

Good luck and when the madness has died down perhaps we can swop the ground almond cake recipes for those of us with a more paleolithic bent on eating.