Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I told the Pirette after her nap that we needed to go to the shop around the corner (about 300m away) for some bananas for Pirate's lunchbox.  She immediately went for her little shopping trolley.

Now, this trolley was a Christmas gift, and it comes with us to the big supermarket, but I've never let her take it outside.  It's fairly flimsy and I feared the bumpy pavement would rattle it to bits if I didn't end up carrying it 3/4 of the way.  But the Pirette insisted and I though, fuck it, what are toys for?

Well I'll be damnded if the determined little shit didn't push that thing all the way to the shop. AND BACK.

Not only that, when we arrived she walked straight in, proudly pushing her little red, yellow, and blue trolley.  I told her we needed bananas.  She got bananas and put them in.  I said we need oranges.  She selected a bag of oranges.  And an apple that we didn't need, but who cares.

I told her that was all we needed and it was time to go to the till.  She walked her trolley straight up to the till and very carefully put her items on the counter for the man to beep, I mean scan.  With each item she had to stand on tiptoes and reach all the way up and declare "up there."  She then moved her trolley to the other side of the till, and as the man beeped, um, scanned her items through she got up on tiptoes and took them down from the counter, one by one, and put them back in her trolley.  She then took ther receipt, gave it to me, and walked out the door, pushing her load of fruit.  She neither looked back nor waited for me to follow.

She then walked all the way home, even lifting the trolley up to get it up a curb, refusing assistance.

The whole expedition took the better part of an hour, but she never got distracted, she never gave up, got bored, lost focus, or threw a strop.

I am convinced that if I had just handed her a fiver and told her to go to the shop on her own and buy mama some bananas, the little pisher would have done it.  And she's not even two yet! This isn't normal.  And there's more...


Donnnnnnnn said...

Gadzooks I must visit the blogosphere more often! Congratulations.

I have been whoring my mental masturbations and fanciful notions on F@c*book and needed a break from their relentless tedious attempts to corral me into a nice little baitball for all the advertisers to devour.

I am delighted to find you well and still blogging.

Zig said...

last time I looked you'd just had a baby and now this?!
How are you. where are you and will you ever find this comment??

hope all is well on the metaphoric high seas with you and the pirate and pirette xxx