Saturday, September 07, 2013

My fantasy:

a space hopper with 3 handles.

Think about it.

(Mind, at the moment I look like I'm becoming a space hopper.  Or possibly have just eaten one.)


Sangii Noroso said...

Hello, I'm sorry if this seems really random, but I don't exactly know how to contact people on this site so I'm just leaving a comment here. I was wondering where your blogspot name 'marlowefish' came from (purely because I'm trying to find someone from a million years ago who went by that nickname).

Moominmama said...

Hi, sorry I've not replied sooner. Our computer exploded and I've been webless for 2 weeks. (Eek!)

I doubt I'm the person you're looking. I pulled the name out of my rear end when setting up the blog. It asked me for a URL, and I hadn't given it the slightest consideration. I was reading "Taburlaine" at the time and it just popped into my head.

Good luck with your search.