Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Thanks, bro

Spent the birthday gift certificate to iTunes today that Marley so generously gave me. Used it to beef up my collection of rock (which is sad) and picked up some Clapton, ZZ top, Bon Jovi, Sting, et al. If you've never heard Aeromith's dulcimer stomp, go find it and listen to it. It's fantastic. It brings me joy.


Spark and Mercury said...

Isn't Sting, like, some sort of demi-god? Like, he's a kind of giant, mobile, articulate lingam, a walking tool, but in a good way.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

So the other day a comment appears on my blog from a new reader and I think to myself "yay! my total readership has just increased by 50%! hurry up and inform the major shareholders!" Then, later on when i'm bored, i follow the link to Spank and Molybdenum to find out who/what he/they is/are, and I see that it's a male, living in London, studying linguistics. And my mind starts to contemplate the best-case scenanios--- he's tall, young, bright, and looking to meet a tall, bright, young(ish) woman who shares an interest in linguistics. I find myself wondering if he likes shakespeare and lasagne. THEN i notice the name at the top of the page and realize that all the best-case scnaios are true, and that in fact this is a tall, bright, witty, talented, smooth-voiced smooth-dresser whom I already know for a fact to be both A, unavailable and B, uninterested in me. Damnit man, don't tease me; my ego's fragile.