Monday, May 09, 2005

Gourmet Bitch

I really outdid myself this time. If you object to the brazen sound of people tooting their own horns, go away now.

Still here? Alright, you've been warned. I've been on a bit of a cooking binge lately. I love to cook, particularly for an audience. When I lived alone I didn't often cook elaborate meals. When I bought cookbooks, it was because I was looking for ways to make good food with less fuss. Now that I'm back living with the 'rents (temporarily of course), I've got a captive crowd who must eat my experiments or starve (que maniacal laughter).

But this past weekend was Mothers' Day, and I really outdid myself. Dig this menu:

Salad: Mixed spring greens with organic grape tomatoes, gold bell pepper, raspberries and goat cheese with raspberry balsamic vinegrette dressing.

Main: Grilled pork tenderloin with apricot and ginger glaze.

Side: Cranberry sauce (NOT the kind that comes out of a can still in the shape of the can) with nutmeg and orange zest.

Side: Wild mushroom and asparagus risotto with parmesan, nutmeg, and lemon zest.

Side: Baked artichoke hearts with onions, tomatoes, ginger and taragon.

Dessert: Homemade shortcake with fresh strawberries and congnac whipped cream.

I am not exaggerating when I say it was absolutely fucking stunning. (And to everyone out there for whom I've ever offered to cook and who demonstrated a complete lack of cognitive ability my turning me down I say this: your loss.)

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