Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Down from the clouds

The winning streak had to end sometime. I found out this morning that my rowing for the rest of the season is F.U.C.K.E.D. We were down to 4 senior women. One of them just quit. We can no longer fill the quad. We don't have a raceable crew for the regatta season now. And the club only owns 1 scull, and it is a shit scull. So us remaining 3 can't all use it. It also means that we can't go on training camp. No point. can't fill the fucking boat. And we just bought that brand new quad, too! It's only been used a dozen times! ARGH!!!!!

And just to add insult to injury, the bitch who quit is on a fucking ROWING SCHOLARSHIP. They're paying her to row!!! I'm going to try and broker a deal with my coach this afternoon to get the rest of the money that she would have received for the summer season.

Furthermore, my country is going to SHIT. I know it's just a symbolic gesture with no legal standing, but I'm concerned about the prescedent it sets. Right now it's just a gesture, but this could well be the snowflake that starts the avalanche. Jesus I hate Christians. These evangelical fuckwads preach hate and intolerance, wrap it up in a few selective quotes from a 2 thousand year old piece of LITERATURE, and use it to justify their ignorance and bigotry. I read this headline at the onion this morning, and I just couldn't laugh at it. It's just too close to the truth.

But wait, there's more! Those pesky "christians" have their fingers in loads of pies, including mine, apparently. I guess I no longer have a right to decide what goes on in my own uterus. (Sure, you say, you're not allowed to terminate an undesired pregnanacy. But surely you can avoid the whole fiasco with birth control? Nope, not actually.)

Fucking hell. As goddess is my witness, I am NEVER moving back to that god-awful country.


ZB said...

Quick, tear up the deportation order Tony! I think she's serious!

Hun, your boat club was poo anyway. You were the best thing in it. Take the single and work your ass off in it. Get your 2k time down and start looking for another club. Better still, transfer to Manchester at the end of your Mphil (you're paying your own fees so they're not going to knock you back) and come and row for Agecroft. Because we rock and you know it.

First Nations said...

elections coming up, darling.
i know women active in family services who have been putting together an underground railroad system in expectation of this scenario. yes, i'm serious. its fucking disgusting. land of the free my ass.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

having been deported once already, i can honestly say i'm not about to let it happen again!

as for the club, yep, it's shit, but it's the only one i got. no, i'm not going to move to manchester (though the prospects of rowing with agecroft and spending more time with you are wickedly tempting). But like you keep reminding me (this is where i get to throw your words back in your face) the degree is the most important thing, and I wouldn't trade my university or my supervisor for anything. Bristol is a much better uni than manchester, has a significantly larger collection of medievalists, and my supervisor is the greatest thing since sliced bread. seriously.

we've got a club meeting on friday to discuss possible options.

hendrix said...

I must admit that I don't mind the idea of starting a day at school with a prayer - we did in the catholic (obviously) and non catholic schools that we attended and it didn't seem to do any of us any harm and gave us a quiet and contemplative start to the day. However the US being as it is with religion (ie fanatical!) I somehow don;t think that a brief "our father" and a couple of verses of "onward christian soliders" is exactly what the article is talking about. At least we were also taught the theory of evolution.

Had to read the bible/bread van article twice to make sure it wasn't some sort of heavy satire. Are these people for real.

And I think that the whole contraception/abortion thing (or lack thereof) is way out of hand and you're going to end up with an irish situation here - where the rich can jet off to another country to have the abortion while the poor just have to go through with it. When you have situation like that then the cases of child abuse go through the roof as well.

I'm probably being very dumb here (my knowledge of american politics is not of the best) but who the hell is voting these people in and how can you stop it?

Don't blame you for not wanting to go back to the US. But as someone who spent most of her life desperate to be there I'm heartbroken that its all going crazy over there...

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Having worked as a teacher, i agree entirely that a prayer-like start to a class is the best way to get students settled and ready to work. But it shouldn't be a prayer that is associated with a particular religion. A moment of silence works just as well and doesn't offend anyone. Or even reciting a nice poem. (Since i was teaching English i went with that option, and the students were learning something too!)

The bible/bread van article IS satire. But it's so close to the truth it's awfully hard to tell, isn't it?

Bang on about Ireland.

the idiots voting for these idiots are bible-thumping americans who vote based on one issue: how often does the candidate attend church? that's all they care about, there are millions of them, and they're BREEDING.

If you want to go to the US, there are still afew bits that are cool. Keep to the coasts. Boston is a great town, as is Washington DC. On the west coast try San Franciso or Portland. If you want to give the midwest a shot, Chicago is a groovy town, and Ann Arbor Michigan is also pretty cool. Don't, under any circumstances, go to Missouri.

LC said...

I think the athiests need to get militant - some hardcore direct action is necessary if we're going to stop the religous fundamentalists from dragging us back to the dark ages.

I'm going to start blowing up churches...

No Shit Sherlock said...

I remember this blog I found called Dying In Christ. I never worked out whether it was a gag or not, but the Blogger seemed to think that militant homosexuals were the bane of the earth. At least (if she was for real) she's too afraid of men who aren't Calvinists to reproduce. She was happy her father was going to hell! Dude, this ethnic cleansing might not be such a bad idea. Ah well, England's going to hell in a hand basket too. Come to NZ, there's nothing happening here. Everyone's too busy shagging sheep and shouting at speeders to do anything political like that. :p

First Nations said...

speaking of america......

is so to my laughing is! probably on the nsfw side.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

FN, i fucking LOVE it.

btw, did anyone get the pun on the word "pie?" i thought it was brilliant, but no one commented...

ZB said...

I thought it was another spelling mistake.

The better Uni debate is a non- starter. Manchester ranks higher than Bristol in the official tables. However, what Bristol does have that Manchester doesn't is a) people working in your subject field and b) a university that genuinely cares about and provides for its students and doesn't treat them with contempt as little cash machines. That's the real difference. x

hendrix said...

If that really was satire then the fact I read it twice and then decided it was true means I'm even more scared now!(either that or the brains finally gone soft)

I guess we'll never agree on the religious thing - although I don't attend church (other than if I'm in Newcastle and go with my grandma)- I'm sort of for some religious teaching in schools and because Britain and the US are nominally Christian countries then that would be the religion of choice. I'm also (despite my own bad experiences at school) not against having schools associated with religions and if I had children then I would probably send my kids to a catholic school (if I sent them to school at all - my own preference would be for home schooling) although there are some guidelines that I would put in - the situation with a lot of the American religious fundementalism is very dodgy.

As a very brief explain of my standpoint - I don't think it matters whether you believe in God or not but you need to have some knowledge of both sides of an argument in order to make up your own mind. In the main it doesn't hurt to participate in, and show respect for religious beliefs whatever they are. The basic tenets of any religions(in their purest form) are not a bad basis as a way of life.

Where it goes screwy is when you have fundementalists using religion as a means of gaining political power and control over people. Religion should be non political and should not interfere with the way in which people make their own life choices - the anti abortion laws for example I don't agree with at all, even though its not something that I would consider as an option except in one or two extremely traumatic circumstances. That's my own personal view - not something that I believe should be made law.

I know that its a difficult one - especially these days when the whole religious thing has become so polarised into the "with us or against us" way of identity.