Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The lightness! I can't stop laughing!

Right now I'm listening to "Edge of a Broken Heart*," and it made me realize something: I'm not miserable!

It's been so long, I had completely forgotten what it feels like to NOT be depressed.

I'm not miserable.

I'm not suffering.

I'm not pining away. Or crying every day, or whining to everyone i see; or worse, hiding from everyone because i can't face the world.

So this is how the rest of the world lives? This is what it's like to be normal? Huh. Wow. I could get used to this.

*I don't care if you (Mr. H. Monsters) think Bon Jovi is shit. I like cheezy 80s rock anthems. So there.


First Nations said...

some would attribute this to your recent *awakening*; i attribute it to all the Ecstasy and Cap'n Crunch you've been eating. refined sugar and illicit chemicals: secret to a long and happy life.
and geeeeet scoops of lard.
hey, at least Bon Jovi never pretended to be anything but exactly what they were; just pleasant pop and well-coiffed hair.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

FN, i attribute it COMPLETELY to the events of the past week. I've spent the last DECADE living with the constant, oppressive belief that no one would EVER find me attractive. I thought this because no one ever has, not once. I had no idea what it felt like to be desireable, desired. I really believed i would be alone forever. It probably won't work out between me and Hairy in the long run, but at least now i know that it's possible for a man to be attracted to me, and that's lifted an incredible weight from my psyche.

ZB said...

I've seen Jon bon Blow me live and the show was awesome. Doesn't stop the fact that the music is poo.

No Shit Sherlock said...

Aw, bless ya. I'm really glad things are looking up for you. Good luck.

Dude, John Bon Jovi? Ow.

Sal said...


i was waiting for something like this ;) good on ya.

you've gone from this state of mind, to THIS.

(that second link, incidentally, has what to my mind is the greatest introductory sentence of any work in the english language.)

Chaucer's Bitch said...

sal, you are a gem.

incidently, i'm lactose intolerant! (was rolling on the floor when i read the first link.)

i look forward to the day when i can reap the benefits of the study.

hendrix said...

whats the betting the research team that came up with that one were all men?

Anonymous said...

"bad medicine" rocks. But don't tell anyone I said so.

maybe you could start a meme: what cheesy 80s rock anthem do you secretly like?