Tuesday, April 04, 2006

From one adventure to another

Spent another lovely weekend in the company of the Hairy Man. "Petal," he calls me. Awww! Drove down to Glastonbury on Sunday and clomb the tor. Great views from up there. Then we walked around the town gagging on the omnipresent smell of patchuli oil and laughing at all the new age hippie freaks and the crystal stores.

I'm leaving in a couple hours for Italy. Training camp. Will bring you the usual obligatory photos. I'll be back wednesday next. (that's arpil 12 for those of you without calendars.)

See you then! BYE!!!


hendrix said...

safe trip and have fun! xxH

First Nations said...

i'll have you know i just bought 20.00 worth of 'gag' juice at the farmers market, my girl. *blushes purple*
have a WONDERFUL trip! visit vinci and say howdy to leonardos ghost for me, will you? I know he's been wondering why i haven't visited recently.


No Shit Sherlock said...

OMG! Italy's gorgy. When you come back go to the festival at Glastonbury. It's loooooooads of fun and is the only place you can get stoned on second hand smoke.

Italy sounds good, have a really great time hon.

Anonymous said...

Miss Mydosh would like some postcards, please and thank you!

Mr McGuinness said...

I've never been to Italy...ah, second thoughts, I did once go to Milan for new year. It was rubbish. For more completely pointless comments visit: www.completelypointlesscomments.com/Italy

Timorous Beastie said...

Andrew McGuiness' comment does seem pretty suspect, doesn't it? Please don't put word verification on - you are the last person I can write comments to, so if you do it too, I'll be alone alone here in the blogosphere. Hope you are munching your way through mozzarella like there's no tomorrow.

First Nations said...

andy mc G has been pimping his blog over at surlys place too. *yawn*
I MISS YOU! you italy visiting, fan-motor rowing, literate archangel of the blogosphereium!

First Nations said...

retracting the blog pimping statement, eating crow, dabbing at my eyes with a crumpled hankie and wondering wh apple juice makes you pee so much.
sorry, McG.

Timorous Beastie said...

Oooh, sorry Andrew McGuiness. I thought you were spam (and it's not often you hear those words spoken in remorse, is it?)

patroclus said...

CB, I've been spending an inordinate amount of time thinking "hmm, if that was my blog, I'd call it Excremental". Have you ever considered this? Or am I just taking my copy-editing tendencies a step too far?

Hope you had a great time in Italy, and thanks again for tagging me for the 20 tracks - it was much fun to write!

Chaucer's Bitch said...

sorry, miss mydosh! i didn't get your request until i got home. i'll send you some postcards from england tho! (for what it's worth, i didn't send any to my fam, so don't feel left out. guess who got the only postcard i mailed? yep, i'm that predictable.)

don't worry, TB, i'm not going to bother with verification thingy. i wouldn't anyway, but now that i know i'd lose your comments if i did, i _definately_ won't!

patroclus. interesting suggestion. i hadn't thought of it. here's why it doesn't grab me: i have a pet peeve against words that sound like adjectives and aren't. they bug me. words like "topiary" and "mnemonic." i hear them and think "a mnemonic what?" stoopic, i know, but there it is. by the same token, "excremental" sounds like and adjective. but without a noun proceeding it it's just a word, full of sound and fury and modifying nothing. so if you can come up with an appropriate noun, ie Excremental _______________, let me know and i'll consider changing the title of the blog.

hell, let's make it a contest.* everyone submit your suggestions. What should the blog be called? best answer gets, erm, something. i dunno, i think of it later.

(*i reserve the right to ignore all of your ideas and leave the title the way it is.)

patroclus said...

No, no, as you were. I'd only come up with a noun that was a type of old boat or precious stone or something. Oo, but what about topiary, actually? Excremental Topiary! Obviously it doesn't really mean anything, and it's stupid, but writing stupid stuff that doesn't really mean anything is what I built my entire career on, so what the hell.

Please just ignore me, CB and CB's commenters. What's that? You already were? Jolly good.