Wednesday, April 26, 2006

He's OK

*heaves huge sigh of relief*

I knew that statistically he probably was, but of course that doesn't stop you from imagining the worst, does it? After a frantic and tearful 6 hours last night I got a text from him:

"Hi pumpkin. Am fine. Not in Dahab. Diving is great, saw turtles shagging today. Got it on film for all to see, whoo-hoo turtle porn!"

I'm giving him points for making me laugh. After it came in I sat on my floor and cried for 30 minutes from sheer relief. Let me tell you, it sure as SHIT didn't help that the BBC was writing stuff about body parts and blood flying everywhere. That is just not responsible journalism.

Thanks for all your wonderful messages of advice and support; i really appreciate it. Hugs to all and sundry.

I'm back stateside now for a couple weeks. My brother is getting married this weekend. I don't have a date (Hairy being where he is, somewhere in the gulf of Aqaba under 30m of water), so I'll just prance around and flirt with all my brother's single pals and play the part of the groom's hot little sister. Does it sound crass to write that after the last post about missing Hairy? I hope not. I told him my plan and he approved whole-heartedly, so there's not deceit or anything.

Anyways, after the wedding there's a big conference on medieval studies here in Michigan which I'm attending with my supervisor, the head of my department, and one of my colleagues (doesn't that sound impressive? "colleague." love it). So Bristol will be well-represented.

Oh, and I've just learned that I'll get to do some teaching next year. Whoo-hoo!


Timorous Beastie said...

Teaching? Yeuch. That means preparing. Glad to hear that hairy is alive and well. Looking forward to news of wedding and conference - it's all go, innit?

hendrix said...

So glad that everythings ok! have a wonderful trip home!

ZB said...

Glad everything is okay hun.

Avoid teaching. The little bastards suck the marrow from your bones and eat up your time. You're there to complete a thesis. Mind you, the money helps.

First Nations said...

oh thank god, my darling. i am so happy for you!!!

you post has relieved my mind. and made me jealous.
of the conference.
not the wedding and the free bar and the dancing and the flirting.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

TB. yep, everything is GO.
HC. cheers, m'dears.
ZB. teaching is why i got into this in the first place. thesis isn't an end unto itself, it's a means to enable me to teach at the uni level, and teaching now will help build my CV. I actually LIKE teaching, remember?
FN. you rock. will post photos.

No Shit Sherlock said...

Yay! I'm so glad he's OK darling. You have turtle porn. That is pretty cool. You can sell it to turtle fanciers. And you get to go to the States. Woa. That's also pretty cool. I'd watch it though, Dubya might declare war on who ever it was who blew up Dafur...

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First Nations said...

*cracking up helplessly, pounding table, flecking screen with saliva, falling sideways out of chair*

hey! you're going nowhere!
its because of that INSUFFICIENT EDUMACASHUN you gots!!!!!

*lying sideways on carpet giggling*

Suresh said...