Monday, April 24, 2006

Out of my mind

Today at 1700 local time in Dahab, Egypt, there was a series of terrorist bombings which killed 22 people and wounded 150, give or take. Dahab is a low-key resort town on the gulf of Aqaba popular with western tourists and divers. The bombs went off in a crowded, touristy part of town near the seaside. Most of those killed were foreigners.

Right now the Hairy Man is somehwere in Egypt on a diving holiday. On the gulf of Aqaba. In a low-key resort town. By the sea side. I don't know if he is staying in Dahab or one of the other dozens of such towns, but I can't reach his mobile and I'm going out of my mind with worry.

How can I not sit here and imagine that he was sitting in a bar having an early beer when a bomb went off next to him and blew him into 73 pieces?! Especially when witnesses are describing body parts flying everywhere and pools of blood in the streets. How can I not sit here and imagine the worst?!

I tried ringing his mobile. I got some pre-recorded message in Arabic. I sent him a text. I don't know if he received it. I havn't heard back. I am sick with worry. I won't be able to sleep until I know he's alive and safe.


hendrix said...

ok. I'm not gong to say don't worry cos that's a dumb thing to say. I am going to say phone the British Consul to see if they have a list of names of people who were caught in the blast. If they don't then they will probably have a number they can give you so you can get some info.

His mobile not working at the moment might not mean anything. It's likely that mobile phone networks were cut by the gov after the attack - they did that here.

Shit. There's absolutely nothing I can say that will make the next few hours any easier for you but I'm thinking of you. HX

GreatSheElephant said...

oh babe - however the latest news is saying that 3 Brits were wounded but none killed.

I'd suggest ringing the Foreign Office first for advice about how to find out which Brits were involved.

What Hendrix says about the mobile phone networks


Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

I am here praying-I am sure he is fine
anyway come over and chill on my site

First Nations said...

what gse said. i looked all over the web for info. i worried all last night with you. i hope you get good news soon, my darling.

Tim Footman said...

He is a Brit, isn't he? In which case, it looks as if he's OK. Unless he's a cousin of the Lord Chamberlain. Or 75 years old.

I remember when we had the tsunami down here, lots of people said they felt this burst of relief when they knew their loved ones were OK, but then, almost immediately, a huge wave of guilt because so many others weren't. Be prepared for some wild mood swings, whatever the news. Have you got someone nearby who's good for hugs, Kleenex, vodka, etc?

hendrix said...

if not I'll post it all to you...

No Shit Sherlock said...

Ah jeez. I don't know what to say. I'm sure he's OK. What the other competent guys said. I'm feeling for ya babe. *hugs across the world*

No Shit Sherlock said...

Hi. Checking around and I found the names of the three Britishers injured. They were Dave Crosby, Sam Still and Henry Loose. They were all injured but only Henry Loose seems seriously injured, but he's forty=two, so I don't think he's the Hairy Man.

GreatSheElephant said...

Also - if you haven't heard anything from him yet, it may just be that he's in a different resort, thinks you know that and so isn't worried. After the July 7 bombings, I went absolutely insane with worry about my cousin who wasn't responding to texts, emails etc. It turned out that she was busy with something, she knew she was OK and just didn't think to let anyone else know.