Friday, May 26, 2006

Yet another reason why my country is going to shit:

The bigots are getting sneakier.

And the masses are getting dumber.


First Nations said...

and the big question iiiiiiiiiiiis.....


hell, why not? the electoral college is a joke, why not make the whole thing a joke?
woops, already is.
tell ya what, i'm voting for Neil Young next time. and he's a canadian.

Tim Footman said...

America's cultural dislocation from the rest of the world was summed up by Bush's location of Kerry on "the far left bank" of US politics.

But the thing I find astounding (as shown by the increasing power of the religious right, and the current brouhaha over immigration) is that that there's a substantial bloc of Americans for whom the likes of GWB are just not right wing enough.

When John McCain has to kiss the asses of the Christian Taleban, you know your country's fucked.

ZB said...

I'm amazed that the idea that bigots are sneaky and the masses are dumb has come has such a shock.

What might come as a shock is that we're all bigots in our own ways and that as far as those in power are concerned, we are the masses.