Thursday, June 22, 2006

Recent discoveies

Thanks all for your comments. Feel free to keep 'em coming (pun intended) if there's anything further you wish to add.

I had so many responses to your comments I decided to do it in a new post, rather than a 500-word comment that you may or may not ever notice. So here goes:

HR: He doesn't drink beer. (Anymore.)

Billy: How do I do vulnerable and bossy? Hold a whip over him and simper about my feelings? Filthy mouth I can do - I always did like the taste of dirt.

HC: Tried asking him a couple times but he is incapable of verbal communication. He is not, however, a football fan. Hates football in fact. He did a course at uni on modern tribal societies and football hooliganism. V fascinating!

TF: soulmate - check
shoulders, 2 - check
best friend - check
laughs - check
big, firm tits - oh, balls.
suction - check

FN: you goddamn fucking genius. how did the world ever survive before you came into it?

Sal: Actually, that's exactly what i'm trying to. I'm not worried about what he thinks of me, I just want to be able to give him as much pleasure and joy as he gives me. The mechanics of how to go about doing that, however, are a bit foggy.
empathy - check
OH MY DOG! A BOOK WRITTEN BY A MAN ABOUT HOW TO PLEASE MEN!!! Well i'll be schnookered. Ordered. I'll be sure to share the jucier bits with you all!

Thanks, everyone.


LC said...

It's way more complicated and subtle than just a simple list of does and don'ts. I think Being Good in Bed is 70% about being with the right person - two people might have thoroughly tedious sex with each other, but utterly fantastic rompes with different partners.

The other 30% is enthusiasm (and of course a willingness to behave like a total slut from time to time).

LC said...

That should say romps. I don't know what a rompe is, but it doesn't sound like something you'd do in bed.

Loganoc said...

Well, I think it's all about confidence and being comfortable with each other. I've always just assumed I was great in bed (even when I had virtually no experience) and no one's complained yet.

Billy said...

What I meant was a kind of neediness - but not to the extent of being completely submissive, hence the bossiness.

And does anyone ever use the word "romp" outside of tabloids?

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Well this thread certainly got the comments flying.

I don't know shit from shit about shit, but I reckon LC and Loganoc have good points. Any dissenters?

And Billly, I use the word romp in conversation, but then I'm wierd, so that doesn't really signify, does it?

The Hopeless Romantic said...

Corrr!! I was the 9999 visitor! What are the chances of that?!

Billy said...

Using romp in conversation is a good thing. Reclaim the word!

I agree about LC amd Loganoc's points - excellent, every one!

Sal said...

glad to be of service.

in other news, remember the gag reflex is all in the mind.

First Nations said...

y'all hear that? i am not only a genius; i am a GODDAMN FUCKING genius. about time someone realized that.
hell, I asked a gay guy how to do blowjobs. i figure, them as has the plumbing knows the plumbing. best sex advice i ever got!
and yeah...enthusiasm and the ability to forget yourself and have noisy, honking, grunting, sweating, slappity FARM ANIMAL SEX is pretty much the secret.
a fence with a good strong top rail is also key.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

"sweaty, slappity, farm anim..."

*scribbles on notepad*

hendrix said...

What they all said.

I quite like the word "rompe" (with an "e") it's got a certain medieval wife of bath thing going about it. Never ever ever use the word "nookie" though. urgh!

Spinsterella said...

If I happened to be shagging David Tennant while he was wearing (or had just discarded) his very foxy costume from 'Casanova', that would definitely be a 'rompe'.

Ooh, I'm all hot and flustered now.

Spinsterella said...

Oh, and, what lc said.

There are one or two men walking this planet who will remember me to their dying days as The Best Fuck Ever.

To the rest, I was mediocre-to-poor.

It's all about chemistry.