Thursday, July 06, 2006

Weird dream

I don't normally blog about dreams, since everyone has them and i'm pretty sure we all have our fair share of wierd ones. but this one i gotta share. it's a doozy.

I dreamt i had a baby. But not just any baby, a baby koala. That could talk. It was the size of a human baby, maybe 7 pounds, but i didn't have to put much effort into holding it because it just stuck itself to me like velcro. (Very convenient and saved me the trouble of purchasing a stroller.) When it was about 2 days old it began speaking to me in near-complete sentences. I was hugely impressed by this phenomenon, as it takes most babies about 3 years to speak in whole sentences. My friends, however, were unimpressed, and this annoyed me greatly. I wanted everyone to recognized that my koala/baby was the smartest ever. Also, it never cried or pooped. It was 3 days before I even got around to buying spare diapers (nappys). How cool is that? In the dream my dad and I went to one of those big baby stores* to buy supplies, like a crib and clothes and all that jazz. Some reality must have leaked into the dram because i was worried about how i was going to pay for all of it, not having any money. I was much relieved when "grampa" picked up the tab. And just to make it a litte rediculous, while i was picking out baby furniture and clothing, dad was picking out giant sets of green Coka-cola glasses. At the baby store. Oh yeah, and I named the baby 'Simon.'

*one of those store where everything is designed to fit giant, 75-lb tabloid freak babies.


ZB said...

Grin and bear it

Chaucer's Bitch said...

har har.

hendrix said...

I could give you a whole new agey analysis of what your dream signified but I'm not going to.
But why simon?

First Nations said...

i can positively reassure you that absolutely nothing in this dream will ever come true. expecially the carefree, no pooping thing.
Simon the koala baby.
hell, I'm impressed. my baby koala never said a word until it started driving the car.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

HC, please give me the analysis, if only so i can laugh at it!

I don't know why simon. it's not a name of which i'm particularly fond. all i can think of is that I know a guy named simon who's from australia, and since the, um, offspring was a koala somehow my (fucked up) brain connected the two.

hendrix said...

damn I'm going to have to invent something now.

ok. new agey dream interpretation coming up (please remember I don't believe a word of this and therefore cannot be held responsible for it)

The koala represents your creativity (everything in new agey stuff is symbolic of creativity) and the fact that your subconscious chose an animal from the "land down under" suggests that your creativity is in direct contrast, literally the other side of more accepted forms. (like being a master criminal for example - which would also fit the Australia theme)

The fact that you gave birth to it is the manifestation of your creativity in the physical world - your creativity is now quite literally "out there" rather than being something you keep inside yourself. (manifestating things in new age speak is very important. Everything needs to manifeset itself or is prevented from manifesting itself or is on the verge of manifesting itself. Our psyches must be like one great big departure lounge)

That it sticks to you rather than being a weight you're carrying around is symbolic of the fact that you don't have any hangups about being creative. (Which, in new age speak is very unusual and bit disappointing because the whole premise of new ageism is that we're all supposed to have massive hangups about being creative. If we didn't then new age wouldn't be such a big industry.)

Your creativity also speaks to you in full sentences. This again would suggest that its full formed rather than developing.

That your friends are less than impressed by this and that it annoyed you that they had this reaction means that you feel that your friends do not recognise your creative potential nor give you the respect you deserve for what your doing. (this is good. New age beliefs insist that you should never ever have any support from anyone other than other new age believers)

That you want everyone to recognise the fact your koala/baby is the smartest ever is symptomatic of your highly competitive nature and not in tune with the true ethos of creativity (Remember that in new age speak the less sucessful you are at what you do means the more creative you truly are. I believe that some enterprising new age gurus have already set up weekend workshops where they endevour to rid successful artists of the trappings of their sucess (price $5,000 per day) in order that they can work on these issues.

That it never cried or pooped, suggests that, where your creativity is concerned you have no pain or shit to deal with. It's perfect as it is. (Again in new age speak - this is really disappointing as you really need loads of pain and heaps of shit to deal with before accessing your own creative spark).

The baby store is emblematic of the tools you use to add to your creativity. That you were worried about the cost of this is nothing to do with monetary value but instead a supressed worry about how you'll be forced to "pay" for being creative. (This is very good as far as new agey stuff goes - remember new age is like a jane fonda workout - no pain no gain. I suggest you find a workshop where you can pick at this subconscious terror until it leave a scar)

That the tab was picked up by "grampa" rather than grandma means that you've issues with accessing the feminine soul of the universe and prefer to look to a mysoginistic society to "pic k up the tab" for your creative impulse. (Once more really disappointing as far as the new age stuff goes. Everyone knows that men are nothing more than a cypher, have no creativity in them whatsoever and all great artists of whatever discipline nicked their works from their girlfriends/mothers/sisters)

the green coka cola glasses picked out by the father underline this and suggest that you are heading for a commercially successful career. (tut tut tut - light some incense girl and get those crystals out. Last thing you want is to be commercially sucessful - kiss of death!)

Simon. I still have no idea why!

there you go.

Alternatively you could just have eaten too much spicy food that night.

Babs said...

I was wondering why Simon, too.

I would have thought the name Cecil was more fitting (and don't ask me why because I haven't the faintest idea)